How to be Productive in Lockdown During COVID 19

Kalash Khurana
A journalist in making who finds music to be the healer. Generally, the quietest soul in the room but will definitely turn into a monster, if disturbed. A huge fan of Shinchan and Tony Stark. A dreamer, overthinker, writer and 20 something who refuses to grow up.
During the lockdown imposed because of Coronavirus, people are trying to find ways of how to…

Celebrities With the Coronavirus Updated Full List

I have persuaded Bachelors in Journalism and Mass com from Amity university. I am a very friendly person and always ready to explore new places and talk to different people. My passion for writing was formed when I realized that at times things that we are not able to deliver by actions, can easily be conveyed through words.I am writing from the past 2.5 years and have managed to complete all the genres. The main aim of my writing is, making people aware of the things they should know and also to bring out the truth in front of the World.
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In 2020 Celebrities With the Coronavirus Updated full list,  seems to be an extremely stressful year.…

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