Google webmaster update: more control over data and email notifications

Google has updated webmaster tools with features that give site owners more control over their account preferences. Site owners now have the option to choose whether performance data for their search console appears in search results.

In addition, Google has expanded google webmaster update email preferences with more choice on which types of emails to receive.

Each of these updates is described here.

Google webmaster update in Search Results

Google can display data about your webmaster property in search results when a query is entered for your site.

This data is shown to you only when you are searching while logged into your Google account.

webmaster data in search results is a feature that starts in late 2018.

Wow, has anyone seen these search analytics widgets for your site directly in the SERP for the word you are looking for ?! #SEO #searchconsole

What is shown in the example above is called a summary card? Previously, site owners could not choose whether or not they saw summary cards in search results. The feature was launched unannounced and there was no option to discontinue it. Now, if site owners would like to search Google back without looking at their search console data, they can do so.

google webmaster update


You can show or hide a summary card for a Personal Search Console asset from the Settings page.

If you manage multiple sites and do not want to see a summary card for any of them, you can easily disable it for all assets.

Google Webmaster Update:- Email Preferences

Site owners now have more control over what types of emails they receive.

In the Enhanced Email Preferences page, you can enable or disable specific types of email, or disable email notifications altogether.


google webmaster update

If you unsubscribe from any or all emails, you can see the message in the message panel for your property.

So there is no need to worry about missing important emails.

With that, perhaps the best way to manage to send emails is by clicking “unsubscribe” on irrelevant messages as you receive them.

But, if you have reached the point with the Search Console where you need to take quick action, these increased priorities should work.


Source: Google Search Console Help




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