Here is our stunning Jayesh Bhai Jordar | Ranveer Singh Gujrati Look

As we look at Ranveer’s first look from the movie which is gujrati avatar. After a signing one of the stunning film “83” Ranveer Singh has adopted the avatar of Gujrati Chhora. So now you will see Ranveer seems to have turned himself into (Jayesh Bhai Jordar) a distinct avatar by shedding several kilos.

He also appears to be trying to protect the women behind him in the photo. Ranveer Singh said “As Charlie Chaplin once said: ‘To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it’.

Jayeshbhai is an unlikely hero, an ordinary man. He is the man who ends up doing something extraordinary when he’s hurled into a threatening situation.

He is sensitive and compassionate, and believes in equal rights between men and women. Therefore, in a society that is deeply rooted in patriarchal ideals and practices.”

Ranveer Singh’s new project led him to a new challenge.

Ranveer Singh said that Jayeshbhai presented him with an exciting challenge . He said that ” i have molded myself (Jayesh Bhai Jordar) in order to be in the character I have never before lived in.” Well this will be a great avatar for us to look Ranveer Singh in.

The movie will also see Ranveer working on “a miracle story” set in Gujarat with debutant writer-director Divyang Thakkar. “Divyang has put his soul into this brilliant piece of writing that will make you smile and laugh all the time,” Ranveer says.

Filmmaker’s Comments on Ranveer Singh’s Courage.

Ranveer is “fearless when it comes to playing a part” for filmmaker Maneesh Sharma, who discovered Divyang and is producing the film. He adds: “He has continued his risk-taking actions while ignoring his quest for the needs of his character. This duo of the director and the courage to go against your image is what makes Ranveer the delight of a filmmaker.”

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