Indian wedding guest outfit ideas for men

Introduction :

As the wedding season is around the corner, you might have already received tons of invitations from (dress ideas for men) relatives and your friends too. And guess what, it is the time to pick the best dress up for weddings ready.

 Men’s attire to rock an Indian wedding as a guest

So, here is a small guide which will help you find men’s Indian dresses for weddings that will make the right impression.

1. Kurta Churidar & Nehru Jacket

If you are attending a friend or relative’s wedding, the first outfit we talk about is Kurta Churidar and Nehru Jacket. It is traditional and at the same time it is comfortable too. We must say that it is anyone’s go-to outfit for any wedding ceremony or engagement party. You can wear a kurta with a Nehru Jacket which is of contrasting shade. Even the jacket of the same shade creates a monochromatic look.

2. Sherwani

The next outfit we are talking about is Sherwani. It is the perfect attire for male guest especially for brothers of the bride or groom. To add some extra elements to the classic look, wear a Paagdi and complete the look with a pair of traditional Jutis. It will be a great idea to get matching Paagdis for your whole gang.

We all know when it comes to the north Indian wedding, Pagdi is an essential thing. otherwise, you can just carry a orni with your attire.

3. Designer Outfit

When you have to attend a big fat wedding, you might think about what to wear. Everyone wants to look the best in such grand weddings to stand out in a crowd. so, you need to dress your best for making a good impression. A heavy work designer sherwani complements the grandeur of a royal wedding. You can carry an embroidered dupatta or a cropped jacket along with it. It adds more glamour to your look.

4. Indian Jodhpuri Suit:

Indian Jodhpuri suit, a perfect blend of the western-inspired traditional attire for men, is sure a head turner at wedding parties. You can also opt for this classic attire for the reception look. The dress consists of a coat and trousers. A pair of classic brogues or board room shoes go well with Jodhpuri suit.

5. Western Suit: 

Another look you can opt for a wedding reception is a classic Western three-piece suit. Most of the men wonder what to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest. Trust me, a suit is probably the best and safest (dress ideas for men) option to go for. It is stylish, timeless, and classy altogether. And of course, a pair of formal shoes complete the look.

Special tips:

  • Pick the appropriate fabric according to weather and also choose colors of dresses according to the seasons- such as the dark color of winter and light colors for summer.
  • Avoid wearing a mix of too many colors, some unusual prints. C’mmon you are not Ranveer Singh! Right?

some tips more :

  • Apart from dressing, get a good haircut that suits your face before the big day.
  • Avoid dressing too loud. Remember one thing that simple, minimal dressing is elegant.

Conclusion :

What to wear to an Indian wedding is the most common question that pops up in everyone’s mind. I am sure this guide will help you. So, keep it simple and be confident at any function.

We hope you will dress well for any upcoming weddings this season and nail all those selfies!


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