How the Snapchat Generation Drives Content Creation


The Snapchat generation is driving content creation in recent times. This is a fact which no one can deny. Here snapchat generation simply means social media influencers as a whole in a broad manner. It is because it is influencing the general public in a great manner. This influence includes both its positive and negative influence. 

Besides this, it can also create rise and fall of people who get viral through social media. All this creates content creation on snapchat generation. So let us know through some viral videos how the Snapchat generation has influenced people’s lives. 

Snapchat Generation- Positive Influence

1.Inspiring posts and videos

First positive influence of the Snapchat generation is created through various inspirational stories. It shows how people struggled through their lives ups and downs. Besides this, these stories motivate people to excel in life and fight with their own problems. 

It also creates a positive environment which is very much needed in this competitive world. Ted talks and various motivational speakers have influenced many people nowadays.

2.Snapchat generation- Medium to help people

Now  a person can get help even when sitting in their home itself. It doesn’t matter where you reside. If you need help and have genuine concern, you can get it. This has also helped many persons in times of need. It is the best and positive influence of the Snapchat generation. 

3.Twitter effect

Besides above, Twitter has become a best medium to influence people. It can create a global influence among the whole world. Only a tweet is required related to any concern and it will get retweeted as many times as big is your influence. Also, you can take your genuine concern to the respective authority and department if you are receiving no response from their side.

4.A biggest helping medium in COVID-19 times

It is no doubt that the Snapchat generation has become a best helping medium in these COVID-19 times. Many people are really getting help from social media posts and stories. You can get help and even help people living in any part of India. This is also saving the lives of millions of people.

Negative influence 

1.Snapchat generation- Zomato controversy

Best example of Negative social media effect can be seen through the Zomato controversy. No doubt it has created sympathy and followers for the girl whose post got viral on social media. But it has also caused a negative impact for the man who lost his job due to this. It also shows how social media influences people in such a way that without knowing the whole story, people get influenced negatively. 

2.Fake gender biased stories and videos

These are also very popular nowadays. But it creates a strong negative influence among both genders. For instance, fake feminism videos are the main reason why real girls struggling for their rights and also unable to get it. This is because people get so much negative influence from these videos and they start seeing every woman in the same manner. Besides this, some videos related to men committing any wrong acts creates the influence that all men are wrong and you can’t trust them. So this also creates a negative balance among both genders. 

3.Snapchat generation- Religion and political influential videos

There are some viral videos which relate to a particular religion or political party specific. It creates negative influence and thinking among people. This leads to much larger controversy and conflicts among social media. It also creates much more negative thinking and impact in a Secular country like India. 

Snapchat Generation- Mixed influence 

Besides above, there are some examples which show that the Snapchat generation can make a person famous and can also even take them to their original life before becoming viral. 

1.Baba da Dhaba

I hope most of you know about the Incident of Baba ka Dhaba. No doubt it has helped that 80 year old who was struggling to meet even basic necessities of life. People also came forward to help them in some manner or the other. But after some time, it has become only the medium to click selfies with them and also as a medium to promote themselves. It also shows how the snapchat generation can lead to both the rise and downfall of a person. 

2.Snapchat generation- Renu Mondal

Renu Mondal is a woman who got viral after a man posted her video on social media singing on a railway platform. After she got viral, she even got a singing assignment by famous singer and music composer Himesh Reshamiya. She lived just a dream life for quite a few months. But after sometime her life again became miserable as it was before getting viral on social media. 


At last I just want to say that it is not wrong to follow social media influencers. But be cautious and check both sides of the story before you share it. It will create a positive environment for everyone and will enhance more positive content to go viral on social media. 


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