Best Indian restaurants in the world, first 7 rankings

Best Indian restaurants in the world providing Indian cuisine! The name says it all why it has become so popular across the world. In every country of our world, you will find at least more than two to three specific Indian restaurants which offer Indian cuisines particularly. There is no doubt that the popularity of Indian foods is increasing by each of the passing days. People across the globe have fallen for it due to its aromatic, spicy and flavourful taste. Not only the Asian countries, but the US and Europe are also getting indulge in it. If you visit any of these places, you will definitely go through a lot of options to taste some phenomenal Indian cuisines.

Once an Englishman visited India for the very first time and he shared his experience in an amazing way. He expressed that, I still do not know with which I fell in love in India! The beautiful TajMahal or the samosa and Chai! He further added that he could come to India as many times as possible and that’s too only for the varieties of the food.  

Reasons for the popularity of Best Indian restaurants in the world and the Indian foods:

Basically, India is a very large country. It has an abundance of cultures, nationalities, and traditions. And all these influences do not only mix up in the life of the Indians but also in the kitchen. That is the main reason why this country has so many multifaceted and different cuisines. The cuisines always differ from state to state. Along with these, you will also find huge varieties of street foods in all cities of India. Below, we will discuss the points which increase the acceptability of the Indian cuisines throughout the world.

Best Indian restaurants in the world images
Best Indian restaurants in the world images
  • Phenomenal flavor of the Best Indian Restaurants in the world: Indian foods contain some specific and exceptional spices in it. It does not only increase the taste of the cuisines but also adds extra aroma. It is tested that there are spices which are also very good for health. We can take turmeric as an example of this. Turmeric has some great properties like antioxidants which help to remove toxins from our body.
  • Non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes: Indians are obsessed with both the veg and non-veg foods. They can cook a food object with multiple preparations. It is very difficult to find such mouth-watering dishes with this extent of perfection. If we talk about “Paneer”, the vegetarian can cook it as the preparations like Kadai Paneer, Paneer Navaratna, Shahi Paneer, Doodh Paneer, and so on. Along with these, if you are a non-vegetarian, you will get dishes like Paneer butter masala, Paneer Korma, Nawabi Paneer, and so on.
  • Medicinal Properties: Indians add various ingredients in their foods which have medicinal properties. Like turmeric, garlic, fennel seeds, ginger are extremely helpful for the digestive system. It basically helps to strengthen the immune system. People across the world know all these benefits of these things and that is why they crave for the Indian foods so much.
  • Many Choices: India is the country where people practice different cultures, traditions, and religions. Only, for this reason, you will get the options to have huge and different ranges of Indian foods. You will also find that in every part of our country the foods are getting prepared in unique and different methods using the same ingredients. Mainly hat creates diversity in Indian food.

Here we will recommend you some of the Best Indian restaurants in the world.

1.  Junoon, NYC:

Junoon offers a wide range of Indian cuisines with super aroma and flavor. Located at 27 W. 24th St. in New York, Junoon is basically famous for the detailing from its food serving method to its interior decoration. The façade of this fine dining restaurant is extremely dramatic but whenever you will go through the ebony doors, a cavernous setting will welcome you warmly. You will find a classy large bar and two antique swings where you can have fun to the ultimate. The swings are made of Burmese teak which adds more beauty to this restaurant. So it is one of the Best Indian restaurants in the world.

Best Indian restaurants in the world appearance
Best Indian restaurants in the world appearance

A wooden arch which is 200 years old and a pool will make you fall in love with this place. The presentation of every food which they offer is extremely good in quality and provides a contemporary feeling of Indian cuisine. Each and every preparation is composed thoughtfully and they only focus on the top-quality production. It has set a high trade mark as Indian restaurant business in USA.

If you are a true foodie, from the very beginning you can jump on the tandoor octopus which is basically served with pickled purple-potato along with herb oil. Murg Lababdar and shahi lamb are also prepared with pure elegance in this restaurant. So, stop waiting. Just go and grab.

2.  Gaggan, Bangkok:

The restaurant Gaggan mainly runs by an Indian chef Gaggan Anand which is considered as the Best Indian restaurants in the world. It is among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It has already earned 2 Michelin star in 2018. You will find the best Paturi and some best yogurt recipes here. The whole action is beautifully completed by the chaotically synchronized team of Gaggan’s. You will get a huge collection of mouth-watering Indian foods which are prepared with pure love and flavors. Some assistants are always there to help you from reserving a seat to take care of every bit in that place. The restaurant stays opened twice a day.

The timings are 5.30 PM and 9.30 PM. The price range starts from 480 Indian rupees. Every type of Indian, Asian, and contemporary foods are available here with great taste. To get the best food experience, you must visit this place while in Bangkok.

Gaggan -Best Indian Restaurants in the world
Gaggan Restaurant

3.  Gymkhana, London:

Gymkhana London is mainly inspired by the original Indian Gymkhana clubs. People of high society spend their leisure time, socialize, cherish, drink, dine, and of course, play sports here. For so many of the offerings from this restaurant, it was awarded a Michelin star in 2014 as the Best Indian restaurants in the world. It is located in Albert Street of London. You will get any type of Asian food especially the Indian cuisines. This vegetarian-friendly fine-dine restaurant is also available with the vegan option. The ambiance, the presentation of the foods and all above the taste of the foods all are truly top class. The price range mostly starts from 2125 in Indian rupees.

Best Indian restaurants in the world foods
Best Indian restaurants in the world foods

You will get the best foods of it at the period of breakfast and in after-hours. But unfortunately, gymkhana is temporarily shut down for the fire mishap which they faced some days ago. But as the substitute of the Gymkhana, London, you can surely check-in in their sister restaurants.

4. Veeraswamy, London:

Veeraswamy is a London based Best Indian restaurants in the world which especially offers Indian cuisines. This oldest surviving restaurant used to serve various Anglo-Indian cuisines at the beginning. But as the popularity of the authentic Indian cuisine increases, they decide to serve only pure Indian foods. You will find a huge variety in the menu as they include dishes from Lucknow, Goa, Kashmir, Punjab, and so on.

This fine-dining restaurant in London basically presents some phenomenal dining experiences via their service. This restaurant has a unique fusion of regal decoration, authentic Indian cuisine, and super welcoming tune-up. The luxuriant interiors completely match the gratifying menu of Veeraswamy. The rich and royal interior of this place still carries the heritage and offers an ultimate aura of superiority.

Veeraswamy especially offers an inclusive menu of delicious comfort food, conventional classical dishes, and exotic contemporary preparations. By following this trend, they have set the highest benchmark in the modern culinary style. The most appreciable part of Veeraswamy is they always adapt something new and innovative ideas in their menu every season. Just for this, they do not have any particular and fixed menu online. Still, we will let you know about some of their original and signature dishes here. They are masters of preparing Tandoori Wild Tiger Prawns with coriander, mint & chili, Smoked Chicken Tikka with garam masala & mace, Kerala style venison & quail Scotch egg with tamarind glaze, Calcutta Soya Chop, and so on. The price range starts from 2500 in Indian rupees and they generally serve foods from lunch and dinner. 

Veeraswamy Restaurant
Veeraswamy Restaurant

5. Indian accent, New York and London:

The high-end restaurant Indian accent was founded in Delhi and later they opened their two international outlets in New York and London. Both are equally reputed and offers outstanding gourmet Indian cuisine. This restaurant does not only present an innovative approach to the Indian cuisines but also add more royalty in the whole procedure of culinary. Though Indian Accent basically serves lunch and dinner, still they offer brunch in the New York outlet. You can easily reserve your seat through online for any party or simply for your date.

Indian Accent especially focuses on their menu instead of every other aspect. They add a lot of innovative ideas in the menu of Indian cuisine but simultaneously maintain traditional integrity. The chefs are so talented and skillful that they bring a twist in the conventional foods with great ease. Chefs of this Indian restaurant in New York reinterpret the authentic Indian preparations ingeniously by following the global influences and techniques.

At the dinner period, this restaurant offers different menus in the bar and in the dining room. They also serve a pre-theater menu in the evening. But at the time of lunch, they offer both the prix fixe and la carte menus. Except these, a la carte menu along with a shared feast menu is served at brunch. If you reserve at previous, you will also get gluten-free and vegan tasting menus from us. The price range starts from 3700 in Indian rupees.

Indian accent restaurant
Indian accent restaurant

6. The Bombay Club, Washington, DC:

This Washington, DC-based restaurant the Bombay club is a fine-dine Best Indian restaurants in the world which offers superior Indian cuisine. This eatery mainly follows the trends and the etiquettes of the Indian old clubs. This restaurant has already gained a special position for the outstanding dining environment in Washington. You will get the finest Indian cuisine in this restaurant in US as they only use the best quality of food ingredients. And there is no doubt that the foods produce a harmony of delicate flavors. For the dedication, passion, and pride, this restaurant is considered as the Top 10 Restaurants in DC Region according to Zagat 2015. They are also in the list of 7 Best Indian Restaurants around the Globe as per GQ India 2014.

After your first step in this outlet, you will be lost in paradise. This restaurant offers Indian regional cuisines which are prepared meticulously, gorgeous setting like old clubs, awarded wine list, seamless service, and of course a heartwarming welcoming smile. All of these automatically create magic and sheer elegance to charm up the ambiance.

A huge number of ‘who’s who’ have already visited this eating-place including Former President George H. W. Bush, President Nelson Mandela, movie stars including Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, Demi Moore, and many more celebrities. People, who have come here even for once, literally gathered a handful of experiences before leaving. But the Bombay club restaurant has a particular dress code. You can wear anything except shorts, sleeveless shirts, baseball caps, and sandals. Torn clothing and athletic wear are also not permitted in this eatery. They do not also have facilities like space for strollers and high chairs. This restaurant offers mainly lunch and dinner but on Sunday they also provide brunch option. The price range starts from 2736 in Indian rupees. This restaurant presents foods like Mulligatawny Soup, Seekh Kebab, Paneer Tikka, and so on.

Bombay club Restaurant
Bombay club Restaurant

7. Kashmir House, Paris:

This reputed Indo-Pakistani restaurant Kashmir House is located in Paris. It offers several Indian cuisines with a twist of flavors keeping the originality. The eye-catching Indian settings will blow your mind by as the interior has exquisite furnishings and wood carvings. One thing we can say with guarantee that the culinary skill of this restaurant will not disappoint you. The chefs are extremely expert and experienced to satisfy your taste. This restaurant has enough capacity to serve you any Indo-Pakistani dishes with numberless flavors.

This house is specialized in lamb Kashmir and Tandoori chicken. Never leave Paris without tasting both of them from here. This restaurant also provides the facility of privatization for any party or occasion purpose. Without any doubt, you can explore this place while vacationing. You will get the service at lunch, dinner, and in the after-hours with various authentic Indian foods. They especially offer various soft drinks, appetizers as well as hard drinks. In the starters and main food, they present foods like Tandoori, lamb, chicken, fish, vegetable curry, biryani, rice, roll, bread, desserts, and so on. 

Best Restaurant- Kashmir House
Best Restaurant- Kashmir House


Go through the best Indian food tour across the globe:

Not only the Indians but people from various countries are now a die-hard fan of authentic Indian cuisines. It is the main reason behind increasing the industry of Indian good food. But not all of the Indian restaurants have the efficiency to prepare the dishes with pure elegance and flavor. So, it is a little bit hard to find a restaurant where you can satisfy your cravings for the authentic Indian food. Just think about Dal Makhani, fish Kalia, butter chicken, Tandoori chicken, Shahi Paneer, and so on. It is not so easy to reach the benchmark for each and every eatery, but we will curate a list for you with the inclusion of some best Indian restaurants across the world.

  • London:

In recent days, most of the countries have Indian restaurants, but still, London always steals the show. London is extremely efficient in making authentic Indian food and there is no doubt that chicken Tikka masala has become their unofficial national food. The reason is London has a large number of Indian populations.

  • USA:

After London, it is always the USA where you can find an Indian out of every 10 persons. From the last few decades, the USA has got uncountable Indian restaurants and that explosive growth of Indian food in US is increasing each passing days. And it is completely because of the genuine increase in the population of Indian-American. Along with these, no one can also deny the popularity of Indian food across the globe.

  • Bangkok:

Thailand which is our Asian neighbor knows the method to cater to the taste of the customers very well. Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, has a variety of own dishes. But still, they focus on the Indian delicacies in a very well manner. In fact, you will find an area called Little India in Bangkok. This place offers plenty of Indian foods with pure flavor.

  • Tobago and Trinidad:

We all already know that there is a huge Indian population in the Caribbean. For this reason, the national cuisine of this place has the blending of Indian foods as well as the influence of the other culture. So, you can surely expect some foods here which will definitely satisfy your taste buds. As well as you will also get some foods which have the influence of your country but has a slightly different taste. This will surely make you fall in love with them. You must try the goat roti and doubles there. For the best experience, go through Carlos Street to try George’s doubles which is very famous there.

But if you are not an Indian but for the first time you want to taste any Indian cuisine, we will suggest you go for any type of Tandoori or curry as the starters. You can also taste Daal, Dosa or any preparations of Saag. Or if you truly love spicy foods, foods like samosa, biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, dal Tadka, lamb vindaloo will be the best option for good Indian food for beginners. But if you are very concerned about your health always try to avoid the appetizers. You must look for the foods which have enough turmeric or be wise to choose food with bread items. Choose Tandoori items, vegetable dishes or stick to the dishes of lentils and chick-peas. Butter-milk or lassi will also be a better option to choose healthy foods at an Indian restaurant.

This house is specialized in lamb Kashmir and Tandoori chicken. Never leave Paris without tasting both of them from here. This restaurant also provides the facility of privatization for any party or occasion purpose. Without any doubt, you can explore this place while vacationing. You will get the service at lunch, dinner, and in the after-hours with various authentic Indian foods. They especially offer various soft drinks, appetizers as well as hard drinks. In the starters and main food, they present foods like Tandoori, lamb, chicken, fish, vegetable curry, biryani, rice, roll, bread, desserts, and so on.     

Go to the Best Indian restaurants in the world and enjoy a faultless Indian food experience still when you are not in India.


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