Kamala Harris- Newly Elected Vice President of US

In the recent US elections, Kamala Harris has been elected as the new Vice President of US. Since her election, new hopes of joy and freedom have arisen among black people in the US. This is because she is the first non- black woman to be elected as the Vice president of the US. 

Besides this, there are some other things which are grabbing everyone’s attention towards her. She is also the first woman and Indian Origin Vice president of the US. She has been a part of various reforms of society. 

First Women Vice President of US

Being of Indian origin is one of the reasons why Indians are also getting eager to know about her. Besides this, she has many qualities in her which is making her known in India also. 

It has been a long journey that took her to this position. So let us know her journey through this article. 

Vice President of US- Early Life 

She was born on 20 October 1964 in Oakland situated in California. She is known to be of Indian origin. This is because of her mother Shyamala Gopalan. She originally belonged to Tamil Nadu. For higher studies, she came to California at the age of 19. Her father was from Jamaica. 

She had gone to Black University in Washington DC called Howard University after completing high school. From her childhood itself it has seen discrimination against US people.

This is because whenever he goes to her father, white children refuse to play with them. Since then, she has thought of fighting for the rights of black people. She has continued his journey till now.

Beginning of Career 

She started her career as a Deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California. Here she has done a commendable job. She was a good prosecutor in its job. After that, she got appointed as a district attorney in San Francisco. She was also the first black woman to be appointed.

During her tenure, she took many good steps for Public Safety. Due to this only, crime rates had much reduced in San Francisco. Violent and non-violent crimes reduced to a great extent. She had also been a part of various reforms. This includes reducing the rate of death penalties. Her other reforms include Racism and Truancy initiative. She had also fought against Homicide in the US. She has also taken initiatives for Environment protection. 

Her other initiatives include against fraud, waste, and privacy rights. She has also been a part of various Criminal Justice reforms. She had also fought for LGBT rights. 

Vice President of US- Influenced by her mother and grandfather

From childhood itself, Kamala Harris used to visit her maternal grandfather in Chennai. He was a civil servant there. She was very much influenced by his views. He used to teach her about women’s rights. He was always in favor of democracy.  So listening to her views, she also decided to fight for it. 

Being a single mother of 2 daughters, her mother had done a very great job. She is the only reason for her good upbringing. It was very difficult for them to raise them in a country like the US. This is because of Unequal treatment with black people. But she always remained strong to up bring them. She made them know about women’s rights and to stand for themselves.  But she has done its work in a great manner. 

Due to her influence only, Kamala Harris always stood against racism and fought for black person rights. Like her mother also, she fought for equal treatment for black persons. Besides this, she always stood up for women’s rights. In her speech, she encouraged women and black people to stand up for their rights. 

Kamala Harris- Indian Connection

Since her childhood, she had a strong connection with India. This is because of her mother who belonged to Chennai. Her mother always took her and her sister to India. It made their strong connection with India. She was of the opinion that a person should not forget its roots when she becomes a known person in society. 

Besides this, she always teaches them about our Indian culture and Heritage. She used to take them to Indian temples also in the US. She still remembers Taste of South Indian food which she used to eat in her maternal home.

Conclusion of the article 

So now I can conclude that it is an inspiring journey of a woman. She has always been strong like her mother in tough times also. Her election as the Vice president of the US has become a ray of hope for Black people. She is a strong and confident woman. So we can predict a better future for Black people. She is an Indian from her heart. So, India is also hoping for stronger India and US relations post this election. 


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