Kejri Returns: AAP Gets Landslide Victory in Delhi Assembly Election

New Delhli, February 11, 2020: Tuesday turned out to be significant for Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for two reasons. Firstly it was his wife Sunita Kejriwal’s birthday. Secondly, under his leadership Aam Admi Party scored a hatrick in Delhi assembly elections. The Party picked up 62 of the 70 assembly seats on offer, while the BJP won eight and the Congress maintained its 2015 tally of zero. Crowned with phenomenal victory, Kejriwal is all set to form the government for third consecutive term.

Politics of True Nationalism

Though Kejriwal’s style of rule was often tagged as freebies politics by opposition but he never agreed. Regardless to the political attacks, he was adamant of it as true nationalism. AAP was seeking votes on its governance record and it paid off. With his work on government schools turn around, lower electricity bills and aided public healthcare schemes he was able to touch the hearts of people.

Delhi voted for development

Being an IITian he would have opted for a luxurious life. Rather he committed himself for serving commoners. Initially during his tenure as Delhi’s Chief Minister, he acted in impulse. But he thrived for perfection with noble intent which has made Kejriwal a Brand. The AAP’s sweeping victory comes about eight months after it was decimated in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The party drew a blank while the BJP picked up all the seven seats in Delhi. That clearly means they are relying on his work and want him to stay in Delhi.

The Future Course

The outcome is likely to boost the morale of BJP rivals in upcoming polls. These are scheduled for Bihar later this year and West Bengal in mid 2021. If analysts are to be believed  BJP may have to focus more on local issues. Simultaneously it needs to put the   state leaders forward who inspire confidence rather than banking only on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity. The results mean the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has lost power in six states in the last two years. The ruling party has now governments only in 16 states. The NDA holds the reins of Bihar while it faces a tough challenge against the ruling Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee in Bengal.

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