India to built detention camps for 1.9M people who have been shunned from Indian citizenship

India is being in planning mode to set up detention camps for total aggregate of two million people who have been recently (nrc assam hearing in) deprived and sadly being shunned out of Indian citizenship.

Shunned out of Indian citizenship

Recently approx. 1.9M people in North eastern state of Assam failed to get inclusion in the National Register of Citizen (NRC) list in August. Since then the sad plight of such excluded people from NRC have been going on social media and since then the government is under being radar for taking such step.

All such excluded people have now to appeal in order to prove their Indian citizenship. The bigger platform like UN and other international right groups have questioned and expressed their concern over this grave and serious issue which have made many people homeless in their own homeland.

NRC step taken

This NRC is step taken by the government in order to detect the illegal immigrants from the state of Assam. For which government claims that such migrants people have arrived from neighboring Muslim majority country Bangladesh. Critics says that this register of NRC has turned the lives of Muslims who have been living legally in the state for so many decades.

In order to prove their citizenship the appealing people have to produce documentation such as birth certificates.  Providing such documents dating (nrc assam hearing in) so many decades back is just adding to the worry of people where nominal people have tendency to keep up the records.

As per the going speculation in India media “ Goalpara camp” is one of the 10 detention centers to build up soon.  The size of detention camp would be equal to size of seven football pitches which will have accommodation capacity of 3000 people.

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