Neetu- Rishi Kapoor Love Saga

Celebrity couples have always been a hot topic. Many B-Town Jodis gives major inspiration goals. Among such, Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor’s love tale is the one that grabs everyone’s attention. The duo’s bond is worth gazing at and, makes everyone go awe. Unfortunately, the handsome actor is no more with us. However, his beautiful wife Neetu often takes us down memory lane by sharing adorable pictures with her hubby.

Neetu- Rishi Kapoor love story is so cute that even the youth of today’s time gets touchy with it. Popularly known as Bollywood’s golden couples, Neetu- Rishi Kapoor have always been each other’s strength. Let’s give you a deep insight into this most favorite couple’s love life.

How did they meet?

Many people think that Neetu- Rishi Kapoor fell in love at the first sight. However, that’s not true. The two first saw each other on the sets of their film ‘Zehreela Insaan’ in 1974. Initially, Rishi’s pranks became irritating for Neetu but who can ignore the chocolaty boy of that time? Also, Neetu’s beauty and elegance stole Rishi’s heart.

Neetu- Rishi Kapoor date scenes

Surprisingly if we believe the stories then Rishi has someone else in life when he met Neetu. Not only this but Neetu used to help Rishi in wooing his girlfriend. Later, Rishi realized that Neetu is the one for him and the two fell for each other. Before marriage, the duo went on a lot of dates.

Neetu- Rishi Kapoor grand wedding

After dating for some time, finally, Rishi proposed to Neetu for marriage. The engagement announcement took place at Rishi’s family function in Delhi. Neetu at 21 and Rishi at 26, the two tied the knot in a lavish ceremony. Post marriage, the lovely couple got two blessings, Ranbir and Riddhima.

Neetu Kapoor left the industry to be a Kapoor’s Bahu

Becoming a Kapoor Bahu is not that easy job. Like everyone else in that time, Neetu too did not disobey the rule and left the industry after marrying Rishi. Though she got many offers and had even signed some major projects but, she chose to quit it all. Rumours about Neetu being forced to leave Bollywood did round. However, the beautiful actress shut them up by confronting that it’s her choice. She also stated that Rishi’s support was there in both her decisions whether she wanted to leave or be in the industry.

Ups and Downs in Neetu- Rishi Kapoor love life

Who says there is no problem in any marriage. Challenges do come but what matters the most is, how the couple deals with them. Like every other married couple, problems did come in between Rishi- Neetu. Also, immediately it became the highlights all over the media. Even fake assumptions of the duo’s separation surfaced. While addressing this viral news, Neetu- Rishi cleared that things are not that complicated and they are standing by each other’s side like a pillar. As expected, things were sorted out in a short span.

Rishi- Neetu Kapoor fought cancer together

In 2018, Rishi Kapoor shocked everyone with the news of him taking a break from work. Post this when fans became curious, Neetu Kapoor took to social media and confirmed about Rishi battling with cancer. In this entire journey, Neetu stayed with Rishi and took care of him. During this health battle, the iconic actress posted adorable pictures with a series of activities and things from New York. By the end of 2019, Rishi came back to India and began shooting for his film ‘ Sharmaji Namkeen’.

Rishi Kapoor untimely death devastated Neetu Kapoor

On 30th April 2020 just the day after the demise of actor Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor leaf for his heavenly abode. Rishi took his last breath at the age of 67. Undoubtedly it was shocking for the entire Nation, fans and family. However, the one who lost her everything is, Neetu Kapoor. The perfect companion and friend who has been there with her for more than 40 years. This void can never be filled as it is something that no one can help. The good part is, Rishi Ji is still alive in Neetu’s heart and every second she feels him. That’s the power of true love!

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