Benefit Of Ramzan


what is month of Ramzan all about?

Ramzan is much more than observing fast and fulfilling your religious obligations. The main aim of Ramzan is keep the spirit of humanity being alive (Benefit Of Ramzan) in human being by making them more courteous and making them realise the gifts of nature they are bestowed upon with.

Fasts helps to fill up the gap between the rich and poor  by making them realise the importance of basic amenities in our life and let the upper class feel what the hunger feels like. These are our social responsibilities which we as a human being must follow and adhere to.

Beside these fulfilling our social responsibility towards society , fasts comes with much more benefits to us. These benefits have been proven scientifically correct for the Human Being’s  mind, health and body.

Our busy life has taken us to road of indulging in unhealthy food stuffs that do much harm to our body. Thus the result is accumulation of toxins in our body.

Discuss the scientific aspect of observing fasts?

So just have a quick look on scientific benefits of observing Fasts in Holy month of Ramzan-:

  • Lowering cholesterol levels

During fasts remaining hungry for 15 to 16 hours in a day automatically cut down the intake of food during the whole day. Thus it helps us in avoiding the unhealthy stuff . So with little cautiousness we can lower our calorie intake like not indulging in much oily and fat rich supplements after you break your fast.

  • Detoxification

Beside Fasts spiritually cleans your soul it also detoxify your body too. During fasts you start burning out all the fat reserve stored in your body (Benefit Of Ramzan) to create energy which automatically burn all harmful toxins present in our body.

  • Promotes Healthy lifestyle

In Islam a popular saying goes like this , “ Eat one Morsel less than you need”. If you understand the scientific aspect of the religion it can help you to grow. You shall be able to live a healthy lifestyle.

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