The continuous pressure to earn money that too through a respectable profession still remains a reason of stress among Indians. Indian children from their childhood are being pressurized to pursue their career in medical, engineering & banking sector  irrespective of their interest area. 

But the scene is gradually changing and youth is taking up the path of unconventional careers and are quite successful too. So let’s have a look on few unconventional career that can actually make you earn money without sacrificing your passion too. 


The increased involvement of technology had led to career in animation a big scope now. You need not to link animation just to cartoon serial as myth says instead it’s expansion is quite vast. You can make career in creating visual effects for films, commercials, video games, online education, YouTube advertising, mobile devices and all such software programs. In India it is still on initial stage and lot have to discovered and shall promise a good career option for all who are interested in animation.

  • Event management

People nowadays want any occasion be it birthday celebration, engagement & wedding, official party, conferences, product launches etc. of their to be well organized and be centre of attention for all guests that can turn into talk of town. For such purpose event managers come to their rescue who organize the party and manage it. This involves creativity, planning, relationship management, advertising, marketing. This career demands practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge and doesn’t require much investment. It’s a lucrative career promising to give good returns. 

  • Photography

Every Indian has hidden photography skill and people excellent in the art of photography are quite in demand. So if you are creative, passionate in visual imagination then it can be the suitable career for you. Photography is quite vast industry where you can try your skills depending upon your interest area such as media sector, fashion , wildlife , wedding and much more. This career is quite promising if done with dedication and practicing of polishing your photography skills.

  • Game designer/developer 

This career of any one is the reason behind many smiles during childhood. Every child loves playing video games and is a wonderful pass time and rise in use of smartphones have made this career into bright future. Game developer had to do job of designing character, game theme, setting it’s rules & regulations, levels, puzzles, art & animation. 

  • Youtube 

This is a quite unconventional job that can only prosper if the person has amazing talent and can market it quite well. The recent times has seen many people starting their own you tube channels on all most all niches. It can daily vlogs, comedy, cooking, lifestyle, education and everything you can think of it right now. The more your followers so more are your earnings and is a east way to get famous too as a bonus point.

  • Professional dancer 

Dance has been an integral part of Indian culture and is considered as an expression of your emotions. It has turned into a glamour profession where you can earn good monetary balance. The need of good choreographers are in much demand for the Bollywood sector and anyone having a passion for dancing can pursue a career in it. With training and dancing you can actually earn name and fame as a dancer.

  • Fashion designer 

Indians have lot of misconceptions related to fashion industry which needs to be rectified upon. Fashion designing is just not limited to Bollywood or fashion walking ramps models. It has a vast area where you can do designing of clothes, lifestyle accessories, housing. It’s a lucrative career with being imaginative is a basic demand of this job. This career needs patience as to face the competition and up & downs of the market.

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