Here is the most awaited Percy Jackson and The Olympians review

Each film involving superheroes includes a tale of origin, and there is a doozy about “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.” Sometimes the Greek gods on Mount Olympus come down to earth to have children, you know, and half-god, half-humans are half-gods. They’re living among us.

One is Poseidon’s teenage son Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and Sally Jackson (Catherine Keener). But this is not clear to him. I wonder if he remembered his wife. Runaway dads are kind of a letdown to discover Greek gods.

Greek Mythology Explained Modernly.

Percy feels that if submerged for 10 minutes at a time, he can think best. Poseidon was the sea god, you’ll note. His best friend is Grover (Brandon T. Jackson), and now Jackson is revealed to watch over him as a kind of assistant demigod. His teacher is Mr. Brunner (Pierce Brosnan), who is in fact a centaur, Chiron. Give a lot of credit to Brosnan for wearing half a horse’s back as if he had been doing it for years.

The movie has fun working out modern explanations to Greek mythology, based on a novel by Rick Riordan. To example, Percy thinks he’s dyslexic, but it’s just that his eyes turn English into Greek letters instinctively. In the school, that’s no help. He goes off to Chiron’s demigod training camp with Grover (Percy Jackson and The Olympians) after hearing about his real identity and becomes acquainted with Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), a demi-goddess if I ever saw one.

Fight Amongst Gods

There is no denying that Medusa is the biggest attraction among the gods, and Uma Thurman proves that she can rock a snake-covered head as graciously as Pierce Brosnan would trot around with the Paws of a horse. Steve Coogan’s appearance as Hades is also taking place. Hey, you do, Steve Coogan. Hades, you know, is Zeus and Poseidon’s son.

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