Eight Factors that Will Help SEO in Second Half of 2020 and Beyond

Today we are going to discuss about one of the most important aspect of digital platform that is SEO in second half of 2020. Since last 4 or 5 months, due to the rapid spread of Corona virus disease all the countries have shut down and because of that businesses and the startups have to go online. Digital marketing has suddenly became the most important marketing strategy globally.

And also the central government of India, in past, also announced that they are focusing on digitalization. Digitalization will empower the youth. According to researches, digitalization will create lot of jobs. This is because people will not have to wait for any recruitment or any job offers, they can promote and run their own business and startups online. Students and new comers can also earn online by doing some freelancing work.

SEO in Second Half of 2020 : How to Get on Top of Google Search

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is process of getting more traffic on website or on webpage by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. We all know what search engine is. Google is world’s most popular search engine. Yahoo, Bing are also some examples of search engines.

The main purpose behind developing any website is that the content on the website reaches to as many people as possible. But there are many websites which post content on almost same topic. So how can one’s website will be seen by many people. This can be done through SEO. If you want that more and more people reach to your website and enjoy the content on it then you must use SEO.

Now let’s discuss about the Seven important factors which will help SEO in second half of 2020 and beyond:-

1- User experience

If you want to make your website popular then it is must that user feels connected to your website. A user must finish the whole content. Sometimes it happen that user reaches to some website and found that the user experience provided by that corresponding website it bad then the user will suddenly switch to another website. So if you want that the user should stay on your website you must provide them a better user interface. User experience refers to the feeling of the user after visiting your website.

2- Voice search:-

It is considered as one of the most important thing you have to consider If you want your website to rank as above as possible. According to researches more than 50% users on social media use voice search option while browsing. So it becomes very important that you website should be compatible with voice search.

Voice search
Voice search

3- Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to creating and sharing things through online mode. Some people use their website for writing blogs, some add videos to their webpage. All this falls under content marketing. Content marketing helps to improve conversions because it allows you to connect with and educate your leads and customers.

4- Error free website

You must have an error free website. There are many small errors which arrive on the website. Those errors must be removed in order to rank you website and to attract users. There are many tools available online by using which you can find tSevenhe hidden errors on your website.

5- Reduce bounce rate

Reducing bounce rate on the website will allow more user engagement. To reduce bounce rate you must use internal linking so that a user gets excited about it and want to click on it. You have to make a user desperate to click on the links you have provided. This will surely reduce the bounce rate of the website and also help in higher ranking of the website.

6- Use chat bot : SEO in Second Half of 2020

In the year 2020 chat bot on any website has become one of the key features of the website. Chat bot refers to a bot who can chat will the user arrived on your website in order to provide him assistance. And in case if the user needs some help then also chat bot can be useful for them.


7- Fast loading website and webpage : SEO in Second Half of 2020

If you want you website to rank ahead of every other websites of same genre then the loading speed of you website must be very fast. User these days doesn’t have patience. So your website’s loading speed must be fast enough so that the user doesn’t have to wait. Generally the website which opens up in less than 3 seconds are considered to be the user friendly one. The chances of getting ranked higher also gets increased.

8- Do proper keywords research : SEO in Second Half of 2020

Search engine optimization is only helpful when you use proper keywords in order to rank your website. So while using any keyword, please do a proper research to find the most suitable keyword for the type of content you are going to post on your website. Proper keyword will increase the numbers of users on your website. Content optimization is very important while using SEO.

keywords research
keywords research


So, guys if you want your website to rank higher then you must follow some advanced SEO strategies. We have done lot of research and provided you the seven most important factors which will help SEO in second half of 2020 and beyond. You have to follow these things if you want to gain more and more users and want to website or business to grow at a fast rate.

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