10 Interesting Facts About Crocodiles Which You Never Know

Just hold on your breathe and gather info regarding 10 shocking facts about crocodiles. We all already know that crocodiles are one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth, because of their aggressiveness, size, and powerful big jaws. Despite being classified as reptiles, they are still closely related to birds and dinosaurs. Crocodile is also inhabitants of the dinosaur era.

There was a time when our earth looked pretty different, dinosaurs roamed freely and crocodiles lived alongside them. But, around 66 million years ago, Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction has swept our planet and ended the journey of dinosaurs. Despite this chaos, Crocodiles somehow managed to survive and thrived for long. Therefore, we can say, the journey of this specie till now on earth is the longest one. Fascinating, isn’t it?

10 shocking facts about crocodiles

So, we have gathered 10 shocking facts about crocodiles which will amaze you.

1. Crocodilian is not immortal:

The crocodile species appeared about 250 million years ago when dinosaurs appeared. Even though the crocodiles have survived the species-ending asteroids of the Cretaceous period, they are not immortal. Most of the crocodile species live up to 40 years. However, large crocodile species such as the Nile and saltwater crocodile have a lifespan of approx 80 to 100 years. There are claims that some individual species exceeded 100 years, but there is no strong evidence in the context of this claim. 

2. Mother crocodiles do not eat their baby:

The mortality rate of their infant is also very high. Study shows that most of the infant crocodiles die in their first year of life. Other predators like hyenas, lizards, other crocodiles, and even fish eat those young crocodiles. 

Mother crocodiles do not eat their baby
Mother crocodiles do not eat their baby

Baby crocodiles make noises from inside the eggs. When the mother hears their voices; digs up the eggs from and carries the hatchlings to the water in their mouth. People would observe this scene and would think the mother is eating them. But that is absolutely not true. So, it is just a myth that ‘the crocodilians eat their baby’.

3. Temperature determines the sex of the baby:

The temperature of the nest matters in the breeding process of the crocodile. A female crocodile lays egg up to 60 at a time in their nest. If the temperature of her nest is less than 32 degrees Celsius, the hatchling will be female and else if the temperature is above 32 degrees, they will be male. 

4. Crocodile: the biggest and versatile reptile of our planet:

Like other reptile species, crocodiles are also cold-blooded, cannot generate body heat on their own, and go into a long sleep in winter. They are the biggest reptile species on earth, can grow up to 21 feet and their weight can be more than a ton. Since they are big, there is the smallest extant crocodile named “Dwarf crocodile” with a maximum length of 6.2 ft only. 

biggest and versatile reptile : crocodile
biggest and versatile reptile : crocodile

Crocodiles also prefer to take up residence in wetlands near lakes, and rivers. They can live in a wide variety of environments like freshwater of lakes and rivers, saltwater, or brackish water. Brackish water is a combination of freshwater and saltwater. They are amphibious reptiles, as they spend some time on the wetland and some of the time in the water. 

5. Widespread Crocodiles:

Along with versatility, crocodiles are also extremely widespread. 23 types of different crocodile species live on our planet. Australia is home to the main two species – the estuarine crocodile and the freshwater crocodile. We can found the rest of the other species in the tropical area of countries like Africa, America, and Asia. 

Widespread Crocodiles
Widespread Crocodiles

6. Facts about crocodiles is that they swallow stones:

Crocodiles do not chew their foods. After having their food they just swallow some small stones. These stone pieces grind the foods in their stomach. Crocodiles keep these stones inside their stomach for years to digest the foods and improve the digestion system. 

7. Facts about crocodile that can live without food

Crocodiles have a very slow metabolism due to their cold blood. So, they can survive a long period without having food. A single large meal can make them alive for many months. Isn’t it astonishing one among the 10 shocking facts about crocodiles?

8. Crocodile Jaw: a thing of great force and power:

Crocodiles have the strongest bite. Their jaws shut with 16,460 Newtons of bite force. They can grab some things weight of 3,700 pounds per square inch. Moreover, the crocodile can open their big jaw under the water as they have a valve at the back of their throat.

Crocodile Jaw
Crocodile Jaw

Although the jaw muscles of a crocodile are very sensitive and quite weak, the saltwater crocodile’s bite has three times more forces and power than the bite of a lion or tiger. But, due to those weak and small muscles, a human can keep crocodile’s mouth closed easily with their hands. Shocking, right?

9. Crocodile cannot sweat but cries: facts about crocodiles

Do you know why crocodiles sleep with their mouths open? Because crocodiles release body heat through their mouths as they do not have sweat glands. 

When someone is crying fake tears, we consider their tears as crocodile tears. The term “crocodile tears” refers to a false display of emotion. But, crocodiles produce tears. Crocodiles swallow too much air while eating. The air gets in touch with lachrymal glands and forces tears to flow. Moreover, crocodiles have three eyelids.

Crocodile cannot sweat but cries
Crocodile cannot sweat but cries

10. Crocodiles are a pro swimmer : facts about crocodiles

Crocodiles can swim up to 35 KM in one hour by using their webbed feet. They use their feet as rudders to steer the water, while the powerful tails propel them through the water. Their tails keep them stand upright in water for a long time as long as three hours.


Crocodiles are nocturnal hunters with a sophisticated heart. Confused? Let us explain. Their night vision is too good, so they are mostly nocturnal. And, they have special four-chambered hearts like mammals and birds. Simple!

Crocodiles have some interesting characteristics which we have already mentioned in the above. The history of this carnivorous creature on our planet is a mysterious one and we hope you are now extremely excited after knowing all these 10 shocking facts about crocodiles . They are one of those species who survived mass extinction and thrived for 100 million years to come for sure.

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