Largest Indian Banks and their market valuation


There are large number of Indian banks which are currently operating in the country. The Indian banking system consists of some Private sector bank, Public sector bank, some foreign foreign banks, regional rural bank and rural cooperative banks. 27 Public sector bank, 21 Private sector bank, 49 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1562 urban cooperative banks and 94384 rural cooperative banks comprises Indian Bank system.

India is experiencing a rapid growth when it comes to economy. Indian retail credit market is fourth largest across the globe. Out of the total number of Indian Banks operating in the country, there are few banks whose market valuation is much more than the others in the respective field. Today we will discuss top 6 Indian banks with highest market valuation. These Indian banks are most trustworthy banks.

HDFC bank – Indian Bank with highest market value

Bank which is most valued Indian Bank right now is HDFC Bank. HDFC stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation. This bank was launched in August 1994 by the name HDFC bank limited. The headquarters of the HDFC bank is located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

This Bank was amongst the first to receive an ‘in principle’ approval from Reserve Bank of India(RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as a part of RBI’s liberalization of the Indian banking industry in 1994.

When it comes to market value, HDFC market value is around ₹617,499 crores. This value is twice the market value of the bank which is on the second position in the list. HDFC bank generates around ₹105,161 crores every financial year. Bank is serving over 49 million customers. There are currently 98,061 employees working under tag of HDFC bank. With 5,103 branches, HDFC bank has installed more than 14000 ATM machine in the country.

Kotak Mahindra Bank- first non banking company to turn into Indian bank:-

The Indian Bank with second higher market value is Kotak Mahindra Bank. The Bank received banking license from Reserve Bank of India in February 2003. It became first non banking finance company to turn into a bank. Kotak Mahindra bank has four strategic Business units. The four strategic business unit comprises of Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking, Treasury and Corporate banking.

The market value of Kotak Mahindra Bank is around ₹283,464 crores. It generates around ₹31,346 crore in every financial year. 17 million people makes the custom base of the bank much more strong. There are around 41,753 employees working under Kotak Mahindra Bank. With around 1500 branches across the country, this Indian Bank has 2,352 install ATM machines.

ICICI bank- leader of private sector Indian banks:-

ICICI bank is currently the leader of the Private sector Indian Bank. This bank came into action in the year 1994. It offers wide range of banking products and financial services to its customers. ICICI bank stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. The headquarters of the bank situated in Vadodara, Gujarat.

The market capitalization of ICICI bank is around ₹266,974 crores. This Indian Bank generate around ₹84,353 crore in every financial year. With around 4,874 branches in India, ICICI bank has also installed 14,987 ATM machine in the country. There are around 84,922 employees working under tag of ICICI bank.

State Bank of India:-

If anyone ask you the name of most trustworthy bank of India, you can simply answer State Bank of India. State Bank of India has legacy of over 200 years. SBI traces it’s ancestry to Bank of Calcutta which was founded in year 1806 and it is also the oldest commercial bank in the list of Indian Banks. State Bank of India is Indian Multinational, Public sector bank.

With having customer base of around 45 crores the market valuation of State Bank of India is around ₹260,331 crore. The bank generates around ₹257,716 crore in every financial year. There are around 23000 branches of State Bank of India operating in the country. Also in addition to that SBI has installed highest number of ATM machines in India.

Axis Bank Limited:-

Axis bank in on fifth position when we talk about market valuation of Indian Banks. And this bank is the third largest private sector bank in the list of Private sector Indian Banks. Axis Bank began its operation in the year 1994. The bank offers the entire spectrum of financial services to its customers.

The market validation of Axis Bank is around ₹176,669 crore. It generates around ₹56,044 crore in every financial year. With around 4,100 branches in the country, Axis bank has installed almost 12,000 ATM machine in the country.

IndusInd bank limited:-

IndusInd bank is one the most reputed banks in list of top valued Indian Banks. The bank has combined responsiveness with innovation to launch a wide range of banking services which are quite unique convenient and most relevant go Indian customers. There are lots of services which IndusInd bank provide to its customer and those services are so unique in there own way.

The total market value of IndusInd bank is around ₹ 96,912 crore. This Indian Bank generates around ₹24,152 crore in every financial year. With over 9 million customer base, IndusInd bank has around 2000 branches in the country. Also there are around 2000 ATM machines which are working under the name of IndusInd bank.

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