8 productive ways to tackle Second wave of COVID-19 


Adopting some productive ways is a must need for this Second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic. This wave is much more dangerous in intensity than its second wave. Due to this, deaths are rising at a much higher level. Though this is a very difficult situation going on and leading to much mental stress to persons reading and hearing about all this. 

Amidst this situation, it is very much necessary to know about some ways which can help you tackle this situation. So let us know through this article, some ways to make this time productive and reduce mental stress arising out of this Corona Pandemic. 

Productive ways which can be adopted

1.Virtual webinars

First and foremost productive ways to make this time fruitful is to attend webinars. Webinars are one of the greatest benefits of technology nowadays. It can help you gain knowledge and motivation from unknown persons. Apart from being knowledgeable, it can be a medium to interact with unknown persons and know about their experiences. These webinars are organised on diverse topics. So you have an option to choose the topic as per your choice and interest. 

2.Productive ways- Completing any Incomplete project

There are many such projects or goals on life which remain incomplete during our work schedule. Though we want to complete them but we hardly get time to complete them because of being busy. This thing also remains a regret to everyone. So this can be a time to complete those projects which you wish to complete but didn’t complete for a long time.

3.Keeping yourself updated

This is yet another productive ways for these times. Life changes very frequently and those who keep updated with it only able to win it. Updation is very much necessary. Here I am not just speaking about limited work areas. Instead, you must be updated with diverse areas of life. This is because being updated in your work areas will help you to become an expert in your work front. 

But besides this, you are required to live in a society, where you must be updated about changing the world to take part in discussions at a personal level. So that quality is very much needed for everyone. Once you inculcate this habit in your routine, it will help to involve in discussions both at personal and work level. So this time can be a very good and valuable time to inculcate this habit in you. 

4.Discover your hidden talent

This is a fact that everyone has some hidden talent in it. Just the problem is that we aren’t able to discover it due to being so busy. So I must say that make this time productive and discover any talent hidden within you. Without any doubt, I must say that it will provide much mental satisfaction which becomes difficult to find in this busy world. You must surely opt for one of this productive ways for this time period. 

5.Productive ways- Build connections and interact more with people

“You have become so busy nowadays, You don’t reply to my messages and calls, Long time no see no call”.  These are much common complaints of the people in this busy life. They always try to complain to others even when they are also doing the same thing. It is common with almost half of the population. 

So I would rather say that it is best and valuable time to remove such complaints. Try to interact more with people and make strong bonds. You can choose any medium you like, be it through messaging or voice calls. Besides this, technology has become so advanced that you can now even see people living a mile away from you through video calls. So you can opt for that medium for sure if you are comfortable with that more. 

6.Designing a Board with Inspirational quotes 

This is a very creative and innovative way for this lockdown period. You can design a creative board and paste inspirational quotes there on a daily basis. It will create a motivation and inspiration for you daily. Besides this, it will keep you mentally satisfied and motivated all the time. 

7.Getting involved in your favorite hobby

Everyone has a hobby which they love to do. It can be dancing, painting, singing, cooking, photography, reading books, nail art, makeup, learning any extra language, picking up any course, calligraphy, writing, blogging, pottery, vlogging, arranging photos and playing instruments. So you can opt for any of them you like. It will not only help you to get involved but also provides mental satisfaction by making you happy. 

8.Productive ways- Watching videos or listening audios

Google is full of diverse videos for you to watch. So this can be another productive thing for this lockdown. You can watch any video ranging from inspirational, entertainment, motivational, educational and many more. Though it is a good productive habit for these times. But I must suggest trying to learn something whatever you are watching. This will provide you the benefit of learning plus entertainment. 

Besides this, if you love to listen to audios more than videos. Then you can prefer podcasts. It has the same benefits and purpose as videos. So you can choose any medium you like from audios or videos. 

Summing up

At last, I would suggest that you must adopt any of the above -mentioned ways to become productive this time. So, I just hope for everyone’s good health and end this Corona Pandemic very soon.


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