Lockdown impact on Middle Class Family

Corona Vs Middle-Class People.

Lockdown impact: The entire human race is facing the biggest challenge to date. Due to prevent the lives of people globally, as the whole has been shut down. It is the first time that the world has stopped thinking about the economy and focusing on preventing lives. Coronavirus, which emerged from the city of China, has taken the entire world in its spread. The highly contagious diseases have cost over thousands of lives, leaving lacs of infected.

Government step to prevent break Corona-Chain

The Indian government has announced a 21 days complete lockdown to prevent the spread of this contagious virus. The govt announced the lockdown to ensure that people do not come out of their houses and get contaminated with the virus. Coronavirus gets spread from one person to another through water droplets of the infected person, and proximity can leave the entire world infected.

How it is Lockdown impact on middle-class people’s life?

The lockdown has stopped the life of India entirely. It is more painful for people belonging to the middle class. The middle class highly consists of people belonging to the private sector, government offices, and daily wages. The people belonging to the government sector and the private sector are getting their salaries regularly. However, it is a bit difficult time for Once who belong to the daily wages category.

The lockdown has created a state of panic in the middle class up to a large extent in panic. People are gathering into shops to fill their stocks up. They are rushing towards markets to buy vegetables, groceries, and medicines. The need is to understand the cruciality of time. People belonging from the middle class should realize that the government has made it very clear that every essential service will be provided to them, and for that, they do not need to be panic.

A lot of funny videos are getting viral over the internet, where police are beating to the people wondering outside without any reasonable cause.

People from the middle class are getting profoundly affected by the rumors spreading on social media, which claims that they will not get even the essential services during the lockdown. It is making the lockdown more problematic as huge gatherings are being conducted in the shops.

Lockdown impact- An appeal of Narendra Modi

This is a time when India needs us Prime Minister Narendra Modi has interacted multiple times with people of India and assured them that India would fight Corona back. The citizens of the country need not worry about the lockdown as the government is responsible for providing them with all the essential services. the officials are requesting the citizens of India to take lockdown seriously and stay in their house as long as possible

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