Kanika Kapoor: Serious Issue of Controversy

Kanika Kapoor: Serious Issue of Controversy

Kanika Kapoor, one of the leading singers of Bollywood found positive coronavirus. Even after knowing about the symptoms she attended three parties and met with more than 300 people. Corona was firstly has found in Kanika Kapoor among the celebrities. Due to that, the FIR registered against Kanika at Sarojini Nagar, Police station. FIR was registered for the abolition of section 269 (a negligent act of spreading infection which is dangerous for life). Section 270 (Malignant act of spreading infection which is dangerous for life).Section 188 ( disobedience to order promulgated by public servant).

The FIR has registered based on a chief medical officer of Lucknow. There are two more FIR`s that has registered against her in Gomtinagar and Hazratganj. These are the places where she attended two more parties.

Still, Kanika Attended Parties

The Matter got serious when the news released that, Kanika Kapoor has attended many parties. The party also consists of some big political names like Former Chief minister of Rajasthan Vasundra Raje and her son Dushyant. The party was organized by the former member of Congress Jatin Prasad. The area where Kanika Kapoor lives was locked down by the government and sanitizing the whole area. The first party attended by her is in the Taj Hotel where she met with some leading political faces.

Dushyant Singh who was in the party with Kanika Kapoor has also attended a meeting at parliament and visited the president`s house. He also showed his presence on tour and travel meeting. He also met with the chief of airline ministry P.S. Kharola. He also met Air India chairman Rajiv Bansal. After getting this news they both get isolated. Not only these two ministers there are a lot of ministers like Shivsena MP Kripal Humane decided for the isolation.

Different Statements

3 different statements given by the administration.

  1. The first statement is that Kanika Kapoor attended 4 parties – according to the administration of Lucknow Kanika Kapoor had attended four parties. The first party is at the Taj Hotel where a lot of famous political faces took part, the second party is at Gallant Apartments in Lucknow where 125 people come in contact with Kanika Kapoor. The third party is at Shalimar Apartments. Sanjay Mishra had thrown the Holi celebration party that was the 4th party Kanika attended at kigulist colony Lucknow. The administration also says that Kanika Kapoor stayed at her uncle`s apartment where she attended a family party.
  2. Kanika`s father gave a statement- He said that the news which states that she had escaped the security check at the airport is completely wrong.
  3. The third statement was given by Kanika herself in which she said that she haven`t organized any party and the allegation are completely wrong about her.

Final Words

Now all the situations are under control and Kanika is at isolation center and all the other members who came in her contact had tested and found negative. All the credit goes to the hero’s who made this thing possible.

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