How you can prepare for best Healthy Quarantine food

Amidst the outbreak of the novel coronavirus Quarantine food, the poor and the middle-class people are stuck with Quarantine food. Most of the people in this section don’t have a maid for household aid.  As public transport has been shut for quite long, you can only rely on local stores.  But food is the most basic and challenging requirement. It is the worst time to be unhealthy or to fall sick due to unhealthy food. This is the time to excel in your immunity.  So I have come up with some food ideas for these quarantined times.

Quarantine food

Morning schedule

You can actually take advantage of this situation as you have more time than usual.  You can kick start all the healthy morning rituals which you could not until now.

Start your morning with a healthy lemon juice.  All you need is hot water, lemon, sugar and salt.  The quantities food should suit you.  It boosts your immunity and cleanses all the toxic materials stuck in your organs.  You can still enjoy the healthiest breakfast.  Just take some brown bread and bake it.  Smear one spoon serving of peanut butter(preferably non-sugar and fat removed) which is rich in proteins.  Cut a banana in nice small circular pieces and stuff it inside the bread and sandwich it. You can also have boiled eggs and milk along with the sandwich.

We all spend at least Rs. 50 INR when we buy juice from stores but now you don’t need to. Instead, you can make your own smoothie.  Just take some cut banana, pineapple or mango in a blender.  Mix oats in a medium-sized cup (1 serving) for proteins. Add 250 ml of milk and blend it.


Afternoon schedule

There are tons of video tutorials on YouTube which you can tune in to learn a variety of food.  I am going to suggest you resort for fried rice which is easy to cook and full of vitamins and proteins. The whole cooking time takes 20 minutes at max.  Start with soaking a cup of long-grained rice in some water for 10 minutes.  While soaking, roast some garlic, beans (any green vegetable) and carrots. Add salt, powdered black pepper and use your imagination to enhance the taste.  Add rinsed paneer (100 gm). Now boil the soaked rice in boiling water for 5 minutes. After which you can add it to the masala and stir it well. Enjoy your meal.


Evening schedule

You can make a healthy chocolate almond recipe for snacks because it is quick and satisfies you fondness for something sweet in the evening. Take some peeled and over-night soaked almonds and blend it in a blender for a minute or two.  Add one spoon of cocoa powder or dark chocolate.  Now add one and a half spoon of jaggery (instead of sugar) which boosts immunity and provides energy.  Blend the mixture for a minute.  Your healthy milkshake is ready. Quarantine food for dinner goes for simple recipes or packed food.  In times like these, you need tasty recipes with basic cupboard ingredients and the leftover. Omelette or leftovers from the morning would work just fine. Even if just pour some raw egg yellow on roasting coconut oil.  Make it circular and let it get roasted for some time don’t worry if you miss it.  You can make egg bhurji out of it.

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