MAHINDRA initiative to use banana leaves as plates


How is Mahindra helping farmers?

Moreover, he tweets about his factory new guidelines. Where he is telling  his factory workers are eating food in Banana leaves instead of regular plates.

Lockdown is affecting everyone in monetary terms, be it a poor section or vibrant section. It is changing the businesses in large scale, and people are suffering huge losses.

It is a time of such crisis of lockdown. People from every corner and arena are coming forward to help others in their ways.  On contrary they are indeed doing a commendable job while encouraging others too.

What is he doing?

The chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, recently posted a tweet regarding this. He reveals how his factory is helping struggling farmers. Netizens are heaping praises for Mahindra’s’s pro-farmer act at the time of immense distress.

Mahindra shares a couple of images with caption, “a retired journalist, Padma Ramnath mails me out of the blue & suggest that if our canteens use banana leaves as plates, it will help struggling banana farmers who are having trouble selling their produce. Our proactive factory teams acted instantly on the idea… Thank you!”

Moreover,at the same time images on his twitter are quite appreciating. Eventually workers are undoubtedly enjoying this new trend. This new initiative is eco friendly and saves the environment in the long term. Even one can notice that every worker is working together in such a crisis. They have their water bottle, which is limiting physical contact between the workers.


Lockdown is affecting agricultural produce on a broad basis. The government is planning to increase the period of lockdown. Vegetable farmers are already reeling under losses, and wheat farmers worries about labour shortages.

on contrary farmers of wheat and rapeseed, vegetables and horticulture growers are facing many struggles in selling their produce. They are unable to generate income from the agricultural produce. Government need to take such steps to help such needy people.

Mahindra’s initiative is a quick-hitting on internet, encouraging people to do such kind acts. Such actions do encourage people to help others. We as a citizen should take inspiration from him and do such acts.

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