Tips to create a perfect capsule wardrobe – Slay it with Look

The term capsule wardrobe is buzzing all around the fashion media, but do you know what does it actually mean? Susie Faux, owner of the West End boutique ‘Wardrobe’ coined this term in the 1970s. It actually refers to a collection of a limited number of essential clothing items that never go out of fashion, and could be worn for multiple seasons. A capsule wardrobe is thoughtfully an edited selection of versatile clothes. You can style your clothes in numerous ways. Sometimes you can create a breezy look, sometimes you can appear with the boho look or of course, sometimes create a posh and matured look. The secret to look older or younger always lies in your styling. If you are ready to discover the stylish ease of living with a limited number of garments and you want to set your capsule wardrobe up, you are at the right place.

Benefits of a capsule wardrobe:

Are you fed up with having a wardrobe stuffed with loads of clothes? Or else, are you tired of the feeling of ‘nothing to wear’? If yes, you can surely adopt the idea of a capsule wardrobe. When you prioritize the quality over quantity, you need to switch to this. The major benefit of having a capsule wardrobe is that it saves money and you need less storage for this. With a countable number of pieces, you can create uncountable looks just by mixing and matching the clothes and accessories. Getting ready at any time would be less time consuming and less stressful too. No doubt that it will simplify your life. Along with this, the capsule wardrobe helps you to have a better personal style sense. However, you will look and feel really good wearing these classic and timeless pieces from your core wardrobe.

Best way to creating an ultimate wardrobe:

A closet always tells the story of you. Mainly, your closet reveals your choice, taste, and personality. A capsule wardrobe only has space for things that look great on you and you love. It does not mean that those things have to be trendy, but a classic piece adds more value to your wardrobe. Basics, essentials, wardrobe fail-safes whatever you call them; these types of pieces are the foundation of any capsule wardrobe. Here we will tell you about those things that you definitely need in your dream closet.

Best way to creating an ultimate wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Clothes:

To get your perfect capsule wardrobe, you should keep some points in your mind. Color scheme, complexion, body shape, and fabric quality, these are the general rules you should consider at the beginning of crafting a nice wardrobe. By wearing some clothes you look younger and wearing some vintage style clothes is just a secret to look older. So, select your dresses wisely. A silk slip dress, some basic tees, a cashmere sweater, a good quality blazer, all these are in the list and the other must-haves are –

  • A formal shirt or blouse:

No wardrobe is complete without a formal shirt. A button-down white shirt or blouse paired with denim jeans is the most comfortable and coolest style ever. It lasts forever and never goes out of fashion. A formal shirt is perfect for the office and meeting also.

  • Denim jeans:

Before investing in denim jeans you should know your body type and which type of jeans fits well on it. There are several types of jeans available in the market such as low waist jeans, mid-rise jeans, high waist jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and so on. Denim jeans are super stylish and comfortable. So, you can wear it everywhere with some fancy tops or basic tees. Or you can pair it with some eye-catching kurtas too. So, decorate your capsule wardrobe according to that only.

  • A classic coat:

A trench coat seems to be eternally in fashion. This is ideal for colder weather and you can definitely splurge on a coat. It may be a 

or a classic trench coat. In addition to these perennial favorites, now the elevated puffer coat is quickly becoming a modern classic. So, this is the updated version of the essential styles.

Capsule Wardrobe Shoes:

After clothes shoes are the main attraction while you are dressing up. Everyday pumps, flip-flops, sandals are basically the regular-used items. So, you must have these in your capsule wardrobe as these are super comfortable. Besides these, you also need to collect some classic pair of shoes. We are providing these below.

Wardrobe Shoes

  • A fab pair of boots:

A pair of boots is a perfect complement to everything you want to wear from oversized knits to micro-mini dresses. You can also team this up with your blue denim and skirts both. So, you must invest in a pair of boots as you can style it in many ways.

  • A sexy pair of heels:

Girls always have a soft corner for heels. A sexy pair of heels is very special as it is perfect for a date, night outs, parties, and so on. You can also flaunt this with LBD, skirts and, any short dresses.

Capsule Wardrobe Accessories:

Accessories are the things that can change your total look in a blink of an eye. Besides clothes and shoes, accessories are also essential to complete the look. As you are creating your wardrobe very thoughtfully, you need to be very selective about the accessories you want to keep in your capsule collection. The best part is that pairing a couple of nice accessories on a minimal outfit is an easy way to get ready without spending hours choosing and coordinating your dresses. A collection of scarves, bags, jewellery, watches, and sunglasses helps to make your ensembles exciting. Here are some must-have timeless items that never go out of fashion.

Wardrobe Accessories

  • An Over-sized Tote:

Over-sized tote bags are always in trend. These are pretty, practical, and also capacious enough to carry all your essentials. So, an over-sized tote of premium quality is a must-have in your capsule wardrobe as it uplifts your each and every look.

  • A Fancy Clutch:

Traditionally, the clutch is considered as an evening bag. Owning a stylish designer clutch is an effortless way to add a fashion statement in a party look. moreover, it works for any occasion and enhances your look beautifully.


Your capsule wardrobe is almost ready! Now, it is the time to check and decide if any pieces are missing that you want in your wardrobe. Even a small capsule of around 25 items can create up to 100 outfits. So, having a capsule wardrobe must not be boring just because one has fewer quantity pieces. You just need to be creative. You can add personality to your outfit with accessories. So, have fun wearing your ultimate capsule collection. We will be glad to know if you enjoy this experiment of creating an ultimate capsule wardrobe following this guide.

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