8 Secrets to Look Older in Your 20s and 30s

Undoubtedly, it’s quirky when we struggle in finding secrets to look older than our age. However, that’s the reality and some people wish to look mature and, there is nothing wrong in it.

Many reasons lie behind why people want to look older. The major one is, having facial features and body that resembles too young according to what it should be during 20’s and 30’s. So, here we have brought some amazing 8 secrets that will make you look older and apt to your age.

Rarely known secrets to look older in your 20’s and 30’s:

1- Wear classy clothes and skip the Jazzy ones

It’s always good to go with the trend but it is not necessary that always the trendy ones suit you. Therefore, instead of following any particular cool outfits, go for more classy ones. Flared pants, culottes with shirts and high heels will make you look older and sophisticated. Fitted ones are better than the baggy when it comes to looking older.

Besides this, incline more towards simple prints. Wearing T-Shirts with huge animated prints adds on the Kiddish effect which would definitely not work for you.

Wear classy clothes and skip the Jazzy ones
Wear classy clothes and skip the Jazzy ones

2- Makeup

This is among one of the most important secrets to look older. Makeup plays an essential role in today’s life. It can change the entire personality and features of a person but, what depends on the most is, how well you do it.

There are a lot of techniques and tips to look older or younger with makeup. Strong contouring and bold lips will make you look older whereas, nude lip shades and matte ones make you look young. You can also put on colorful gloss, they look nice and also define the age you want to look in.

3- Hairstyle
Just like makeup, hairstyle also plays a crucial role when you want to look older. Boost up your appearance by changing your hairdo. Go for something that makes you look like your age. Many stays in a misconception that long hair always works when we want to look older.

hairstyle that looks older
hairstyle that looks older

However, it’s not always the same because, at times, short cuts can change the personality and make you look older. So, consult a good hairdresser and get the best suggestions to choose the right hairstyle for you. Also, try to avoid high ponytails and go for buns.

4- Wear Glasses
Glasses can add up those much needed years in your appearance. Opt for a stylish pair of glasses and carry them smartly. It looks professional and gives a good impression. Most importantly makes you look older, so it’s just a perfect way to solve your problem.

5- Wear fewer accessories
Less is more! Who doesn’t like accessories? Almost everyone but still too much will not make you look older. Just wear a sleek bracelet and small earrings. Do not go for too fancy things because they are all old school things which showcase the younger version of you.

Wear fewer accessories
Wear fewer accessories

6- Too much of piercings and tattoos won’t work
In today’s generation, Tattoos and Piercings are quite a normal and common thing. But, in our parents and grandparents time, these were not a fashion.

7- Get a nice vintage watch
This is also among the best secrets to look older. Watches with huge tiles are more towards those college times. Vintage ones with sleek gold or silver chain are the best to add up some years to your age. You can also get a nice slim pocket watch if you don’t want to buy a wristwatch.

watch that gives older look
watch that gives older look

Hence, not getting too much inked and body piercings done is a better option if you want to look older. Still, if you have, try to cover them up, the more you will show, younger you will appear. So, the choice is yours! Go with fashion or the desire to look older.

8- Focus on growing facial hair
Clean shave gives a young look thus, accept the beard version of you. Heavy beard does not mean the shabby ones, cleaning and trimming are surely required. Just don’t panic if your facial hair grows because that’s a plus point when you want to look older.

These are the most amazing 8 secrets that you must follow if want to look older. Besides all this, your confidence how you carry yourself also plays a significance in adding the extra years to your look.

The way you talk, walk and wear can change your personality. Only makeup, hairstyles and transformation in the clothes are not responsible for making you look mature. Apart from this, you can analyse how older people carry themselves because it really helps. After all, comfort is also important, just adapting things for the sake of looking older will not at all give you good results.


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