Unnerving Facts must know about Area 51

The highly classified U.S Air Force Facility of Nevada named ‘Area 51‘ has an aura of mystery,
secrecy. This place is famous for its extraterrestrial activities. Area 51 has been synonymous
with UFOs. Area 51 always indicates such conspiracies which revolve around evidence that alien
exist. And if there is no alien, what is going on this top-secret military base? All these make
‘Area 51’ the most interesting subject on this planet to be discussed.

area 51

Area 51 is a highly restricted area in a desert where GPS and phone networks do not work. The
cause is still unknown to the whole world but the real story might be stranger than you
thought. So, here are some incidents you never know about this mysterious place.
 In the mid of 1947, ‘UFO’ crash at a ranch near Roswell created a buzz. When a rancher
claimed to have found a flying disc-like object in his field, the US government stated that
it was merely a weather balloon.
 Another interesting thing is the black and white Roswell Autopsy Footage which
provided proof that aliens had landed on Earth while crashing ‘UFO’. It was seen that a
team of doctors carrying and later dissecting a body of an alien in the video. Due to the
poor quality of video it was not sure actually what that was.

alien in lab

 A lab employee recorder the video of a mysterious incident happened with himself
while working in Area 51. A path was visible in the video that was leading to a frozen
refrigeration chamber though it was not clear in the absence of light. He found
something he had never seen before. After seeing the white-colored thing on the floor
he kept going on and saw an alien-like creature behind a door. The man was extremely
scared and ran away.
 There is a leaked video where you can see a burning UFO in the sky of Area 51. It could
be an edited video because the emitted smoke seemed to be a creation of loop

 A man was recording a video for a YouTube channel standing outside of Area 51 as the
entry is prohibited. While recording he heard the sound of an airplane which was
invisible to his eyes. After sometime at the moment he noticed it in the sky, he tried to
capture a video through this camera but there was no sign of an airplane in that video.
This kind of incident arouses a lot of questions.
 And last but not the least, the fact which will blow your mind is that the moon landing
was also staged here. Though it is a conspiracy theory, it has not been confirmed yet.

And the interesting part is that the government doesn’t want you peering into this area and
keeps this place extremely private. No trespasser is allowed under any circumstances.

Nowadays speculators think it could be anything like a public surveillance hub or a weather
control station or a time travel station.

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