Indian Independence Day- Interesting facts you should know

Like every year, India will celebrate its 75th year of Independence day this year. This is because on this day, India got Independence from British Rule due to the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. Besides this, the Prime Minister hoists the National flag on this day.Though we all knew this significance from our childhood itself, there are many unknown and interesting facts about this day which you must also know. 

1.Sharing of Independence day with other countries

It is interesting facts to know that besides India, various other countries also celebrated on the same date. These countries include Liechtenstein, South Korea, Bahrain, North Korea and Republic of Congo. 

2.Reason behind declaring 15 August as Indian Independence day

Though earlier date for Independence day was 18 July, 1947 when they adopted the Independence act. But this date was changed by Lord Mountbatten for a reason. There are interesting facts behind this too. This is because of his thinking that 15 August is a lucky date. It is because 15 August, 1947 was the 2nd Anniversary of the date when the Japanese force surrendered in World War II to Allied Forces.  

3.Facts about National Flag

There are some unknown interesting facts about Indian National Flag which you must know-

  • Not all manufacturers can produce the Indian national flag. This is because only one Khadi Association named Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha can produce it. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission has provided this license to them.  
  • It is originally composed of Khadi material which Mahatma Gandhi mainly prefer and tell others to use. 
  • Original Indian National Flag included three colors Yellow, Green and red. After that, these colors changed to Saffron, White and Green. These three colors of Indian National Flag signifies sacrifice and Courage, peace and prosperity respectively.
  • It is against ethics to put it down as it indicates respect to the nation.
  • A known freedom fighter Pingali Venkayya originally designed our National Flag. 
  • It was first hoisted by Bhikaji Rustom Cama in a foreign country and by Tenzing Norgay on Mount Everest. 
  • As per the codes prescribed for it, you can only hoist it during day. 

4.No Indian National Anthem was recited on first Independence day 

Though we all know that we recite our National Anthem on this day. But there is one interesting fact to know.  This interesting fact is its non- recitation on First Independence day. This is because Indian Government adopted it after First day on 24th January, 1950. 

5.Anandmath Novel originally included our National Song ‘Vande Mataram’ 

This is another  interesting fact that Our National Song is originally is a part of a novel. This is because famous author Bankim Chandra Chatterjee wrote a novel with the name “Anandmath” and this song is part of that novel. Besides this, Rabindranath Tagore also sung it. It was a good patriotic song. So Indian Government adopted it on 24 January, 1950. 

6.Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t part of first Independence day

There was yet another interesting facts about Independence day. Since Mahatma Gandhi was on fast due to Hindu- Muslim riots, he was not the part of first Independence day. 


So above are some interesting facts about Indian Independence day which you as an Indian must know about. 

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