Boost your Immune system to fight the Coronavirus

These days the prime focus is shifted one’s health.  Amidst the outbreak of the epidemic of coronavirus disease in the world, health and hygiene are considered as essential and non-negotiable requirements. So, it is very important to know certain things about your body and the science of its metabolism to deal with diseases like these.

As far as the immunity of the corona virus goes, sadly nothing can be stated with full surety.  Immunity to a particular is generated after having suffered that disease once in most cases like flu and the common cold.  While in some other cases, like in smallpox, vaccines can be provided to prevent one from the virus.  Sadly, neither immunity nor vaccines are available for coronavirus.

Actually, the coronavirus is new and first of its kind, which is why the immunity to this virus is carried by none of us.  But, we know a certain amount of facts from data.  Mostly, diabetes patients and people having problems in their haemoglobin were affected by the virus.  It can be inferred from this data that keeping sugar concentration low in your diet can actually help to prevent the infection.  We still don’t have proofs but we can surely work on that

Diets to Boost Immunity

Many of you might be having doubts regarding your diet, especially what can help you prevent coronavirus and what not. Firstly, your diet should not be changed to cope with quarantine.  You don’t need to stuff your storehouse with noodles, pasta and dry food which lasts longer.  Your immune system, as well as your fitness, is compromised by these products.  Instead, eggs should be relied on, which can last as long as 4-5 weeks in your fridge and help to boost your immune system.  Even green leafy vegetables like cauliflower would go on for weeks in the fridge.  Meat and fish are also good for immunity without carbs and fats. You should go for iron-rich food like spinach, egg and milk as respiratory complications can be prevented with high haemoglobin in your blood.

 Activities to Boost Immune system

Exercise and yoga are highly recommended for these days.  At least 1-2 hours should be devoted to your body every day in order to boost your immunity. Another study showed that people with a short sleeping span somewhere between 4-5 hours a day are more prone to be captured by the virus.  make sure you have adequate sleep.  You should cut your time in front of your TV, phone and laptop screens as the blue lights emitted by the screen tend to make you sleepless.  Instead, read newspapers, books, magazines or journals.  You actually have more time to spend with your family.

Don’t get indulged in drinking smoking.  It is quite understandable that you spend most of your time at home and you get frustrated sometimes.  But alcohol consumption does nothing but harms your Immune system and opens you up for infection.  If you have a deficiency of vitamins, supplements can be taken to improve it.  Now is the time to keep your vitamins adequate to fight the disease.  Sunbath can also be implemented in your terrace or balcony to boost your vitamin D.  Just be cautious not to burn your skin. The most important and effective tactic to be implemented now is social distancing.  As we don’t know anything for sure about this virus, we can distance ourselves and prevent the spread for sure.

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