How to get a Canadian student Visa?

There are several benefits of studying in abroad. If you are a student and planning to study in foreign countries then Canada should be your first choice. Canada is quite popular among students for the (Get a Canadian student Visa) education purpose. Canada’s education system is very good and students from all over the world come there to study.

If you have made up your mind to study in Canada then you will need the Canada study visa to study there. There are several steps to obtain Canada study visa and in this article, you will know how to get your Canada study visa.

1) If you are sure about studying in Canada then you will need to select an institution, where you want to study. You will have to apply to that institution and get your acceptance letter. This acceptance letter is a must for studying in Canada.

2) If you have received your acceptance letter from the university then you can begin the process to obtain your student visa.

* First thing you are required to do is to apply for student visa online through “Citizenship and Immigration Canada” website.

* You will have to provide the acceptance letter from the university there. You will be required to provide financial proofs too that will tell that you can support your education’s expenses in Canada. A Criminal record is a clear no.

3) There are several documents that are required to submit before you apply for a student visa in Canada. You will need to fill student permit application first. You will need acceptance letter of the university with a valid passport. You will also need some proof of the financial support. Also, two passport size photographs will be needed. If you have all these documents then you can apply for the Canadian study permit.

(Note = There are some countries in the world, where you are required to visit visa application centre. At these application centres, Your biometrics will be taken and you might be required to give an interview.)

However, if you are still not sure about about (Get a Canadian student Visa) visiting Canada for studying then you might try Canada education consultants in Delhi. There are several Canada education consultants in Delhi that will help you and guide you.

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