11 Amazing facts related to Beauty

amazing facts related to Beauty

Humans are naturally inclined to beauty and need not to say our this inclination has made our beauty business too prosperous and has a good future ahead. It has given numerous employment to many people. 

So below are few amazing facts related to beauty that can actually make your eyes pop out:-

  • History of makeup dates back to Egyptians who created first make up our of copper and lead. 
  • Women actually used charcoal to paint their teeth as a symbol of beauty during world war two.
  • Fish scales are being added to eyeshadow and lipstick for purpose of glitter.
  • Human babies take up to six months in order get their permanent skin tone. 
  • Your pore can actually store up the first and oil for upto 20 years. 
  • Shampoo was invented in India made of pulp of soapberries ,basically a concoction of herbs and hibiscus flowers.
  • Whale vomit and it’s excreta is being used in making of fancy perfumes
  • Lipstick was given status of essential item for female nurses during world war two.
  • Before blush was invented women used to pinch their cheeks to give them rosy texture.
  • During the year 1400 women remain entirely hairless was trending in which women would shave their heads , pluck their eyebrows and eyelashes entirely out.
  • A weird therapy gained popularity named “ urine therapy” where celebrities used to rub urine on their faces and even drank that urine.
  • Earlier the purpose of make up to frighten the enemies or was used for magic shows.


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