Amazing facts-facts about World cup cricket 2019

Amazing Facts about World Cup Cricket 2019

Since 1975, when the first-ever ICC World Cup was held, cricket fans have witnessed so many spellbinding incidents. The twelfth edition of ICC World Cup Cricket which took place in England and Wales was also full of exciting incidents and now you are going to know about those interesting facts of the World Cup Cricket 2019 that might stump you!

1. Specifications of the amazing trophy

This year a total of 10 nations were fighting earnestly for a single cup which is the most special trophy in the world of cricket. This beauty is made of silver and gold. The trophy is 2 feet in height and weighs almost 11 kilograms. This trophy completed 100 days world tour this year.

world cup 2019

2. A bitter pill to swallow!

Since 1983, it was the first time when team Zimbabwe failed to qualify and represent their country in the World Cup. The absence of Zimbabwe at Cricket World Cup hit their supporters hard.

3. Official theme song

ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the greatest global events in the World. To amp up its magic ICC released an official theme song ‘Stand By’ which was a masterpiece of a collaboration between a new artist Loryn and Rudimental. The cultural diversity of the UK was showcased in this song.

4. Attractive prize money

Nothing but attractive prize money made this World Cup 2019 an extraordinary tournament. The winner of the battle got around USD 4 Million which was the highest prize money given to the winner till date.

5. Some news of retirement and debut

Listening to commentary is also a favorite part of any cricket lover while watching a match. Michael Clarke, former Australian batsman made his debut as a commentator in this tournament.

On the other hand, there were some predictions related to the news of the retirement of some great players like MS Dhoni from India, another great batsman Chris Gayle from West Indies, a great bowler Lasith Malinga from Sri Lanka that made all the cricket lovers extremely sad.

This was also the last tournament of World’s best umpire Ian Gould. 

teams players of tournament

6. The grand finale

In the ground of Lord’s, England scripted history by defeating New Zealand. It was nothing less than magic when England won the match after super over on boundary count. England finally tasted victory and at the same time, it became the first country to host the highest times of World this tournament.

So, these are amazing facts about ICC World Cup Cricket 2019 that made this tournament more special than others. And now, cricket enthusiasts are keeping their eyes on the next World Cup.

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