Space Facts-Amazing facts about Space

Amazing Facts about Space which will leave you mesmerized

What do you think when you look up at the stars on a starry night? You might be lost thinking about how vast and wonderful the sky is. The sheer vastness of space makes it very interesting. It is impossible to predict accurately how many stars or planets there are in the whole universe. As there are trillions upon trillions of objects in billions of galaxies, space is incomprehensible. So, now we will discuss some space facts which are impressive and incredible. 

About calm space

Space is completely calm and silent. The main reason is there is no atmosphere like the earth. There is no medium through which sound waves can travel.

Twinkling space

Interesting facts about the planet

Our solar system is just a small part of the space. Of all the planets in the solar system, Venus has an extremely slow axis rotation that takes 243 Earth days to complete its day. It is funny but also true at the same time that one day on Venus is longer than one year on the Earth. It takes 1 year that is 365.256 days to rotate once around the Sun.

The black hole is a hot topic!

Do you know that dying stars create black holes? The black hole is one of the most interesting topics in the world. The black hole is nothing but a cosmic body where gravity is extremely enough and nothing, not even wave of light can escape from it. Black holes are gargantuan in size. 

 stars create black holes

Information of cosmic snowball!

The most famous comet discovered by Edmond Halley returns to the inner solar system once every 76 years. It was last seen in the year of 1986 and it will not orbit past around the earth again until 2061.

space cosmic snowball

What will happen if two galaxies collide?

Our solar system is a part of a galaxy named Milky Way. Research states that the Andromeda galaxy is approaching the Milky Way galaxy at the rate of approximately 110 kilometers per second. So, they will collide eventually and form a giant galaxy. This is going to happen in around 3.75 billion years.

Millions of stars, planets, comets, black holes are still undiscovered. There are lots of things that are beyond explanation and we want to about the history of the entire space. From discovering big bang theory to obtaining the first-ever picture of a black hole using the Event Horizon Telescope, the progress of research of scientists is remarkable.

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