Is Time Travel Really Possible? True facts behind it

Who does not want to go in the future and explore the world? And many of us want to go in the past for knowing history as well. But, unfortunately, it is impossible. This is going to happen if one can do time travel. According (Is Time Travel Really Possible) to the science time travel is possible but only using higher and higher technology. There are some people in the world, who say that they have experienced time travel. They have shared their experiences. But science states that those incidents make no sense. And the tales are really difficult to believe. We will discuss a thrilling and scientifically impossible tale where one claimed that he has time traveled. 

This story is about John Titor who claimed himself a time traveler. In 2000 on November, on an open Internet discussion forum, a new account has been seen. That account belonged to a man named John Titor who posted something unbelievable. According to him, He was from the year 2036 which means he wanted to say that he had come from the future. His posts stated that he was a military man who worked for the USA government. In his posts, he also detailed that he was selected for a secret project. His grandfather had worked for IBM in the 1970s and John Titor said that in the year 2036, he had been selected to travel back to 1975 and get the computer IBM 5100, which scientists of his time needed to solve a technical issue. He stopped in 2000 because he wanted to know about the past and solve a problem on the Y2K computer.

 His messages have created a buzz on the internet. No one knew what was going on. But the majority thought that it was a fake profile. When they wanted proof, Titor sent a photograph of the time machine that made the surprise the world. A very interesting thing is that he made some predictions which came true. As he predicted that there would be an earthquake in Peru, a destructive earthquake (Is Time Travel Really Possible) occurred on June 2001 in Peru. It was a really surprising incident for all. But his other predictions like 2004 Olympic was to be the last event and some others were fake. That account shared his last post on 24 March in 2001. And then the account never shared any post and became a mystery.

It is said that there is the existence of so many parallel universes and perhaps the time traveler came here from another parallel universe. Science needs more research to understand the mystery and perhaps, in the future, we shall be able to time travel with the advanced technology of science.

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