Amazing facts about Humayun

Who is Humayun?

He is the second Mughal Emperor who ruled in the reign today known as Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern parts of India from the time period of 1531-1540 , then he again came into power in 1555-1556.

So below are quite interesting facts related to Humayun that can actually amaze you:-

  • He has actually started the trend of leather coins in India
  • His death cause was falling from the stair of library shemandal
  • Humayun had been given the title of “ Insan-e- kamil( perfect man) in the sphere of Mughals
  • Not many knew but it is still rumored that body of emperor Humayun had been buried in two different locations before being transported to the final burial place
  • Humayun’s tomb actually served as a basis for the model for Taj Mahal
  • Humayun tomb is a burial place of more than 150 graves
  • Humayun’s Tomb had a fine square tomb in the southeast direction which is known as Barbur’s tomb.
  •  His sister had written his biography named “ Humayun-Nama”.
  • Humayun led the foundation of a new city in Delhi known as “ Din-panah” ( Asylum of faith). The remains of the city can still seen specifically the high citadel walls popularly known as “purana qila”.
  • Humayun tomb’s estimated cost is around 1.5 million and it took 7 years for completion
  • It has been declared as a UNESCO world Heritage site (Who is Humayun) in year 1993.
  • The famous emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar did take refuge in the tomb with his three princes to hide from his rivals during the rebellion period of 1857.


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