Sara Ali Khan celebrating her debut anniversary

Sara Ali Khan is the daughter of a famous actor Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh.
Actress Sara Ali Khan is a famous actress of Bollywood. She had made her debut in Kedarnath movie in 2018 with actor Sushant Singh Rajput.
On 7 November 2018, she had made a debut in the Bollywood. The 24-year-old Sara Ali Khan said that she can’t believe that it has been a year. She mentioned that the film has been and will always remain an important l part of her life.

On the occasion of her debut film anniversary, she posted on Instagram and thanked every person who has helped her in her first or debut film.

She thanked @sushantsinghrajput, @gattukapoor and @kanika.d and Tushar sir for shooting this movie.Abhishek Kapoor was the director of this beautiful movie Kedarnath.
Also, she thanked all the people for accepting her and give her so much love and allowed to be a part of the Indian film industry.

Sara Ali Khan Awards

She had earned an award of Filmfare award for best female debut and IIFA award for star debut of the year for Kedarnath movie.

About debut film

In Kedarnath movie, she played the role of a Hindu girl who falls in love with a Muslim boy played by Sushant Singh Rajput. The film unfolds around the time of destroying Kedarnath floods and sees an unlikely romance between the two. This movie faced many problems before releasing as priests demand to boycott the film as it endorses the love jihad.

As a result, Uttarakhand government banned this movie. This movie was scheduled to release in June 2018 but was postponed to 7 December 2018.
Kedarnath movie grossed over rs. 966 million worldwide against a budget of rs. 350 million to emerge a success

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