Kanika Kapoor did not attempt to escape landing field

Artist Kanika Kapoor Tested Positive with COVID-19

From the capital (Lucknow) to (Kanpur) and To and (Jaipur), there’s a mixture. Since within the wake of originating from London, Kanika Kapoor voyaged and partied in these spots. Yogi Govt is, also creating varied strides. 1st the requests got to Sanitize the Taj edifice in Lucknow wherever Kanika followed returning from London. Then, Chief Minister CM Yogi Adityanath has offered directions to utterly purify the town of Noida aboard Lucknow, Kanpur. However, the factor to notice is that the foremost noteworthy alarm has been in Lucknow. Up Government create a move against creator Kanika Kapoor

kanika kapoor

Kanika Kapoor Positive Result

Bollywood’s acclaimed playback producer Kanika Kapoor has been seen as a corona positive. She came to Lucknow from London on March 15. As evidenced by the information found so far, he evacuated the stove within the bathroom with a plot of ground staff at the depot. Kanika organized a gathering on Sunday at Gallant Flats in Lucknow, attended by all senior officials and various pioneers of Lucknow. The whole scaffold has been stirred up since it was in vogue.

kanika kapoor

Everybody is panic-struck. All workers of workers and assembled food suppliers square measure similarly in alarm. It is similar news that Kanika remained at Taj Addiction, Lucknow.

To the extent the inhabitants of Shalimar Gallant square measure involved, the overwhelming majority of the occupants of this loft square measure presently going this structure and moving to totally different spots. Kanika Kapoor’s whole family lives without delay her whole family is being unbroken in Quarantine.


Bollywood Singer Kanika, WHO supposedly hid her movement history, has denied any unhealthy behavior from her aspect. Kanika spoke exclusively to the Indian Republic from wherever she is isolated.

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