Some Simple Self-Defense Techniques that Anyone Can Do Easily

Do you want to learn some easy but effective self-defense techniques? People throughout the world, especially the Indian women are extremely interested in learning self defense nowadays. And of course the reason is the continuous growth of violence against women both behind the door and outside. So, here we will share all the details regarding the self-defense techniques.

Importance of self defense techniques

Our life is very unpredictable and today’s world is becoming ruthless day by day. Every day the news headlines are highlighting the brutality of our real-world. And it makes us often believe that such scary incidents can be part of our life on any day. It’s quite depressing but the fact is lots of women including men feel afraid while roaming at night or walking on a empty street. Many statistics indicate that women become the victim of violent attack more often than men. The scary fact is that one in three women endures some incidents of verbal or sexual harassment in her lifetime. Women really need to know how to steer away from a threat. So, knowing some freehand self-defense movements could help you out in hard times for sure. 

Importance of Self Defense

self-defense techniques and classes:

If you search for ‘self-defense classes near me’, you will find many results on Google. But, here we are all set to discuss some of those self-defense strategies that anyone can do easily. Our self-defense tips and techniques may not be a replacement for a professional self-defense course, but it can help you to block the attack. Moreover, it will increase the chance of your surviving including mental strength in some toughest situations.

Here’s how to prepare yourself to stay safe in such tough situations –

Before we go any further, you need to know about the self-defense concept and techniques. As we know, even some years ago, learning self-defense was not at all important. But, in today’s era knowing some self-defense techniques must be a part of our upbringing. It builds self-confidence and helps us to defend ourselves. It will also help you to acquire the skills with which you can knock the attacker out easily and effectively in no time.

Prevention is the best self-defense

We do not know what will happen to us in the next seconds. But yeah, some kind of self-defense key equipment like pepper spray, stun gun, penknife, and many more are available in the market for your safety. So, we should keep these protection devices with us all the time.

  • Most of the time, people get attacked on lonely roads. Though, sometimes we don’t prefer the congested road to avoid traffic while getting late. But, don’t you think that it will be far better if we use the busy road for our safety rather than experiencing such troubles in a lonely street? Yes, you need to walk or park your car in some well lit areas and take care of choosing times of travel along with the route.
  • Sometimes the situation do not stay in our favor. So, we always try to avoid direct confrontation by handing over our wallet, money, jewelry whatever the attackers want. Nothing is more worthy than your life or health. Isn’t it? 

 Some techniques to fight back:

However, if you can not avoid the violence at any cost, you have to fight back with these following self-defense techniques.

Shout and push back: self defense techniques

Keep in mind that getting loud is the most important self-defense techniques. Start shouting as loud as you can and push the attacker back when he/she try to touch or grope you. Your shouting will be beneficial to let the surrounding people know about your problems. Thus they can approach you for physical help. The attacker would also be confused and would also back off his/her own.

Hold stone or sand from the ground:

In case you are not close enough to any defense tools, simply get down and hold stones or sands from the floor and throw it toward the attacker’s eye. It will help you to distract him/her for some time and give you enough space to escape from the scenario.

Hit and run from the situation:

You can use anything that you have nearby like a bag, keys, vase, book, or any sharp objects to harm the attackers. Use all of your forces, give a strong blow, get free, run away, and find a place to hide for some time.

Hit on the most effective body parts:

Before the attackers have gained full control of you, you have to do everything that you can at that time with as much energy as possible. Aim for the most effective body parts like eyes, ears, nose, neck, groin area, knees, and legs where you can do the maximum damage easily and quickly. Krav Maga is the type of martial arts that lets you teach how to target the attacker’s physical weakness and vulnerabilities.

Wait, wait! Don’t start searching for ‘Krav Maga near me’ as we have already discussed the ways to use the body’s reflexes for self-defense. Let’s have a look –

What to do?

  • Strike aiming eyes – 

If possible, you just poke, scratch, or gouge the attacker’s eyes with your fingers, it will disturb his/her vision temporarily. And it will also cause a lot of pain. So, in the meantime you can easily run away from the place.

  • Heel-palm strikes for Nose – 

If the attacker is in front of you and close enough, use the palm-heel strike to strike the nose with an upward motion. If the attacker tries to grope you from behind, you can strike his nose or aim the nasal bones with your elbows. 

Heel-palm strikes for Nose

  • Strike at neck – 

You can stun the attacker temporarily by striking roughly at the side of his/her neck. Your all fingers should be straight and keep them tightly together while the thumb should be slightly bent and tucked at the knuckle. 

  • Knee strikes – 

Knees are the best self-defense target as it is vulnerable and weak from every angle. One strong strike or kick on the front of the attacker’s knees can make him/her imbalance at a glance. 


Common holds for getting out of the attacker’s grip 

  1. Wrist holds – 

If the attacker grabs your wrist, try the wrist hold techniques. Do not pull back the attacker’s wrist, just squat down into a strong posture. Then lean forward and bend your elbow towards him or his forearm until he leaves your wrist.

      2. Bear Hug – 

This is a hand to hand self-defense techniques of Karv Maga. It will really help to defend against a strong grab or holds. If the attacker grabs you from behind, stomp his/her feet with your feet and drop your weight. You can hit his head with your elbow or attack him by kicking roughly. 

     3. Mount Position – 

If an attacker has knocked you down on the floor, don’t panic. Hook onto the attacker’s wrist with one hand and grab behind his elbow to trap his arm on your chest by using your other hand. Then, trap his foot and leg, lift your hips and finally turn over onto your knees and get on top.


Complex martial arts strategies may be impossible to perform for some. But, the self-defense course includes such easy defense techniques to teach you how to prevent the confrontation by blocking the attack. The self-defense techniques equally work for men and women.



So, if such a barbaric incident happens, don’t be afraid, let’s face it. Stick with these self-defense tips, and just fight back. Yes, we believe, you can do it. Stay strong, stay safe. 


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