ITR Filing Deadline Extended for year 2019-20 Extended

ITR filing deadline has been extended to November 30, 2020. This is a big updated coming from the side of the Indian government. Government in their recent tweet and interaction with the people announced that the deadline to file income tax return for the financial year 2018-2019 has been further extended to November 30 this year. Indian Income tax department also confirmed this news through their tweet. This relaxation provided by the government is very helpful for the tax payers of the country. People in the country dealing with some financial crisis was unable to pay the tax within time. So, this is quite good decision for the people of the country.

Official announcement by the Indian Income tax department for the extension of date of ITR filing:-

Tax filling was one of the big issue to address in front of the Indian government. Because of the corona virus pandemic many tax payers of India facing some financial problems due to which they are unable to pay their tax on time. And Indian income tax department provided some relaxation to tax payers by extending the date of ITR filing.

The Indian Income tax department through their official Twitter handle tweeted that: “On further consideration of genuine difficulties being faced by taxpayers due to the Covid-19 situation, CBDT further extends the due date for furnishing of belated & revised ITRs for Assessment year 2019-20 from 30th September, 2020 to 30th November, 2020.Order u/s 119(2a) issued.”

Dates has been extended previously 3 times:-

Due to the Corona virus pandemic in the country and the world, many people lost their jobs. After leaving the job, people had no means of earning money. There were many people who does not even had no money to eat and drink. And taking taxes from people in such a bad economic situation could have been a bad decision. This was the reason that the Indian government extended the date.

Usually, the proposed date of paying income tax in India is 31 March. And even this year till 31st March. Everyone had to file income tax but due to corona virus pandemic many people were unable to do so. In view of the situation, the Indian government first extended the date to 30 June, 2020. But then the central government of India felt that people are still unable to pay income tax. Then they once again extended this date to 31 July 2020. Even by the end of July, when many people have not paid their income tax, the government has decided that the date will be extended to 30 November 2020.

But now, still the government believes that there are many people who have not paid income tax and that is why the government has once again decided that the tax payers will be given 1 month extension more.

If filing date has not been extended then what?

Many people may not know that if the date of ITR filing goes out and if a person is not able to file income tax then it can be quite bad with him. People may also have to pay fines for not paying income tax on time. Many times it happens that people with good incomes are not able to pay income tax on time. Due to which they have to pay a fine to the Indian government.

So if the Indian government does not extend the last date of filing income tax, then there are many people who would have missed filing income tax. And for this reason they had to pay a fine to the government. Still people should keep one thing in mind. If they do not pay tax before the last date, then they may have to pay ₹ 10000 more as penalty. And if someone’s annual earning is less than 50,0000 then he / she will have to pay ₹ 1000 as fine amount.

ITR filing date extended to November 30,2020:-

So if any of you are still deprived of paying tax, please file your tax in time. Because if you do not do it on time, you may have to pay a fine. This can prove to be very harmful for you. It can be a matter of great inconvenience if a person is deprived of paying income tax. Even after the government has extended the debt continuously.

For the information of all of you, we are once again telling that the last date for filing income tax has been extended once again by the government. Earlier, the last date for filing income tax was 30 September 2020. But the economic situation of the people is bad. So the government decided once again to extend the date of filing income tax. And now the date is 30 November 2020. So everybody please fill your income tax return before 30 November.

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