Three mysterious places in India that defy gravity

Our earth is full of mysterious places. Everywhere you go, you will find something which will drive your mind crazy. Isn’t this wonderful. Earth is just like a gift box which is brimming with wonderful things. Magnetic hills or gravity hills is one among those wonderful gifts that earth has for us. After visiting these places you can’t stop wondering how a place like this exist.

In India there are not one, not two, but three spots where gravity fails to work. Native people without that much knowledge thinks this is an act of god. But people who have studied gravity closely understands that this is a scientific phenomenon. Let us today explore these three beautiful places in India which is unique of its type.

What are gravity hills- why this is called mysterious place?

Before studying about these mysterious places we should first understand what are these gravity hills. Actually, gravity hills are places which create an optical illusion that an object is sliding upwards instead of going downwards. Sounds quite impossible. But these places do exists.

In our own country there are three places where we experience such thing. Across globe, we can find many such magnetic hills or gravity hills. In fact, many people have experimented to see whether it indeed defies gravity.

If you want to know about gravity hills a simple test is to go to the magnetic hill zone and keep your vehicle in neutral. If your vehicle is pulled uphill then it is a gravity hill. Some people have also related this phenomenon to paranormal activity. But generally these mysterious places are fun to explore.

Magnetic hill in Leh-Ladakh:-

This mysterious place situated in Leh-Ladakh hits top of our list. This famous magnetic hill located on the Leh-Kargil-Batalik highway. It is one of the unique destination of India. Leh- Ladakh is one the prime destination for visitors who want to explore India.

The magnetic pull at this place is so strong that a car seems to e pulled uphill by defying the phenomenon of gravity. However people call it optical illusion.

People who visit Leh must experience this beautiful phenomenon. This happens because of the extremely strong magnetic pull here that overpowers the gravitational force. This magnetic hill is located near Leh. Most tourists to Ladakh make it a point to stop here and check out this freaky phenomenon.

Tulsishyam road in Amreli:-

A road flowing in state of Gujarat marks the second place in our list. Tulsishyam is believed to be a mythological places where lord Krishna killed a demon. The name of the demon was Tul. Hence this place is know as Tulsishyam.

Other than a beautiful temple here, a road that showcase awesome gravity phenomenon is treat to watch. Many curious visitors who visits this place turn off their vehicle to witness this interesting phenomenon. It is one of the three mysterious place which is found in our beautiful country, India.

At Tulsishyam road if you park your car at the base of hills it will go upwards at a speed of around 20km/h. In reality this is only an optical illusion created because of the horizon. It may look like cars, water or cricket ball are rolling uphill but in reality they are rolling downhill.

Kala Dungar or Black hill:-

The third mysterious place which makes to our list is kala Dungar of Katch, Gujarat. Naturally, Black hill is one of the spectacular points form where a panoramic view of Great Rabb of kutch can be enjoyed. This mysterious place has been discovered few years back.

Few years back, a strange thing happened at this place. The vehicles which were parked on the hill slided down in great speed. These vehicle were switched off and were parked on a flat surface. But due to defying gravity these vehicles started to go uphill. After a study it was found that kala Dungar has the Gravity hill effect. And that’s why this is a mysterious place.

At kala Dungar gravity plays a surreal role. Although the native people believe that this is a supernatural phenomenon. But so far no theory available that has proven why this happens.

India is full of mysterious places:-

Apart from gravity hills there are many more mysterious places present in our country. Gravity hills is just a very small part of the uniqueness of our country. You guys have also experienced some mysterious phenomenon. Haunted places, Temples, Bridges etc. are many more things which fall into the category of mysterious places present in India. Gravity hills is one of the most unique mysterious place that can be seen in India. According to newtons law of gravitational force two bodies attract each other. And because of this everything is kept attracted to earth. But there are some places which does not follow this law and those points are called as gravity hills. Gravity Hills is interesting and curious? If you get an opportunity please try it out.

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