Narendra Modi Biography – Early life, Family, Political life and facts

Narendra Modi biography, one of world’s most admired prime minister. The name Narendra Modi is not just a name anymore. It has become a brand. He is India’s most admired men. The surprising thing is that, Narendra Modi is the first prime minister in the history who has a huge fan base among youth. India’s youth was not that much fond of politics. But the way Narendra Modi started in 2014, he changed the perception of India’s youth regarding politics.

But let us make one thing clear that it was not 2014 when things changed for Modi. Narendra Modi has risen from earth to sky. Today we will share with you Narendra Modi biography. You will come to know how a tea selling man became prime minister of the largest democracy in the world. Let us start from the beginning.

Narendra Modi Biography – Early life

Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in Gujarat. Modi’s father’s name was Damodar Das Moolchand Modi. His mother’s name is Hiraben Modi. Modi has five more siblings. Initially, Modi was an average student in studies. When Modi was 8 years old, he joined RSS. It was during the RSS that Modi met some big leaders. Those leaders who laid the foundation of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the 1980s.

At that time, the practice of getting married in childhood was going on. And for this reason Narendra Modi was married in his childhood. Narendra Modi’s family was very poor. Modi’s mother used to wash dishes in the homes of others. Modi’s father used to make tea and sell it at the railway station and sometimes Modi also assisted him. Many people also say that for some time, Modi along with his brother had also sold tea near a bus stand in Gujarat.

During his childhood, Modi left his home for some time and traveled all over India. Modi believes that it was because of his visit that he got a chance to know India properly.

Early political career-

Narendra Modi’s political career began when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in 1975. At that time, leaders of the Bharatiya Janta Party were jailed. In the absence of a big leader, Narendra Modi was given a prominent position in the Bharatiya Janta Party. Modi took advantage of that thing and made many people his fan. However, Modi also had to be grounded for sometime during the emergency period.

Narendra Modi emerged as a very well known RSS worker in the 80s. In 1990, he played a key role in BJP’s victory in local elections in Gujarat. Narendra Modi also had a very important role in the Rath Yatra which was organized by Lal Krishna Advani in 1991. Similarly, with the help of his small but important collaborations, Modi gradually became an integral member of the BJP.

Narendra Modi biography- Chief Minister of Gujarat

Modi’s fortunes changed when in 2001, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Kesuben Patel, felt ill. Patel’s leadership in Gujarat was also questioned. Modi was also against Kesuben’s leadership at that time. In the absence of Kesuben, the BJP workers asked Modi to sit on the deputy chief minister’s chair.

But Narendra Modi flatly refused to accept that position. He said that he will adopt gujarat as Chief Minister only. He wanted full control of the state. Lal Krishna Advani felt that Modi has not yet become so adept at politics that he should be given the responsibility chief ministerial post. But despite all this, Modi was made the Chief Minister.

Gujarat Riots 2002- Black day for Narendra modi-

There was a black spot in Modi’s political career when in 2002, there were riots in Gujarat. On 27 February 2002 a train from Ayodhya was attacked in Gujarat. Around 60 peoples got killed in the incident. It is alleged that Modi has a big hand in this massacre. But Chief Minister Modi rejected these allegations every time. After this incident, many people called Modi a terrorist. After the massacre, Muslims in Gujarat staged a massive protest.

Despite all this, Modi’s image keep on growing positively. Modi continued to develop Gujarat. He was sworn in as Chief Minister again. Modi was the most popular Chief Minister of India.

From CM to PM-

The biggest change in India’s politics came when BJP made, Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Prior to that, BJP had suffered loss twice in the Lok Sabha elections.

But at that time nobody would have known that Modi will bring such a storm that all the opposition parties would disappear in that storm. A wave named Modi arose in the entire country and all the opposition political parties collapsed. Modi himself contested from Banaras seat of Uttar Pradesh and won by a huge margin. BJP got a majority in 2014 and in a very spectacular way BJP formed the government.

In 2019, once again, Modi, gave the BJP an unanimous majority by providing more seats than in 2014 lok sabha election, in the entire country. During the tenure of Modi, BJP formed its government in almost every state of India. People used to vote only in the name of Modi. Modi had become so famous all over India that his defeat became almost impossible.

Narendra Modi biography – Prime minister’s influence

After Modi’s arrival, a different enthusiasm in politics also came out among the youth of India. The trend of every class person towards politics increased.

Narendra Modi took many historic decisions during his Prime Minister’s tenure, due to which his name will always be taken with respect in India’s politics. In these decisions, the decision to remove Article 370 from Kashmir, the decision to build Ram temple, the decision to remove article 377 are important. Apart from this, there were many other decisions due to which Modi went on to become popular not only in India but in the whole world.

Modi changed the image of India to the whole world. Now every major country views India with respect. Modi thinks about the good of the country all the time. The Prime Minister keeps his eye on every incident. Many big politicians not only in India but also around the world do not get tired of praising Modi’s leadership.

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