Every bride wants to be centre of attention on her big day and want to have a flawless pics that can be uploaded later on social media , isn’t true? Apart from editing the pics you need to care of your skin beauty regime to get that noor( glow) on your face. 

So by following some below beauty regimes you can actually look more better and gorgeous and giving it a try will be worthy thing to day.

  • Skin cleanliness  is the key 

No matter how much costly make up products you would apply if your natural skin is prone with acnes , pigmentation and pimples you can’t get that flawless look. So start by basics by maintaining a hygiene for your skin. Washing your face with natural scrubbers such as been(gram flour powder), rice powder, lemon jest can actually exfoliate your skin without any much damage to your skin. Avoid using towels on your face and most importantly continuous touching your face with your bare hands can actually become reason for your acne and pimples. 

  • Too much make products ruin your skin

Make up products are basically chemicals with added preservatives which if used in long run can do more damage instead of beautifying you. Make up products ingredients do get stick to your skin and becomes a cause of various skin problems. Try to avoid using too much make up products that only harm in long run.

  • Our stress tends to show up on our skin

The hectic stress in preparing arrangements for wedding day and so much pressure do put lots of stress on us which eventually starts to reflect on our skin too. Our skin becomes dull, develop dark circles, presence of acnes and pimples. So try to avoid stress as it impacts directly on your skin.

  • Face packs are actually rescue 

Applying face packs that suits to your skin type will brighten up your skin and helps in removal of skin issues too. Face packs do give relax and relief to mind. 

  • Healthy routine 

Following healthy routine ,following any sort of exercise and taking sound sleep will keep you fit from inside and you will feel much better and have glowing skin on your wedding day.


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