20 Amazing Facts about Cats

Long way back in 2002, International Fund for Animal Welfare declared 8th of August as International Cat Day. But for the (Amazing Facts about Cats) cat lovers, every moment spent with the cats has its festive colors of joy. Do you want to know more about your kitty? Below listed trivia will give you an amazing furry adventure. Go on….

  1. The black cat is not unlucky 

The people of Great Britain and Japan consider black cats to be a lucky charm. In the English Midlands, the new brides take a black cat as a blessing for their marriage. Japanese people believe that black cats will bring good luck for them, especially for a single woman.

  1. Does a black cat cross your path? It’s fortuitous

The Germans people believe that if a black cat crosses their path from left to right, it is menacing, while the feline reverses directions and crosses right to left, it is lucky.

  1. The Meows are for human only!

Cats do not use their meows to make communication with each other. The cats sound meow to talk only with humans.

  1. Cats cannot taste sweet

Do not worry. Your cats will not try to steal your sweet dishes because they will not be able to sense the taste of sweetness.

  1. Cats cannot digest lactose easily

Milk is their favorite, but actually, cats are lactose intolerant. Lactose can lead your cat to Diarrhea and can upset its stomach.

6. Uncooked fish is bad for cats

After milk, here comes another favorite item of the cats. Most of the time raw fish contains harmful bacteria which can cause food poisoning. So, keep your cat away from the uncooked fish.

  1. The human brain and Cat’s brain are the same

Similarities between a human brain and a cat’s brain are beyond one’s imagination. Just like the human brain, the cat’s brain is also composed of gray and white matter. They also have long and short term memories.

  1. Cats jump six times more than it’s a body length

Have you ever got mesmerized why your cat faces no problem jumping from floor to the top of the shelf? Because cats can cross almost six times their length of the body in a single bound with the help of powerful leg muscles.

  1. Cat’s nature and signals 

Cats demonstrate their territorial nature, dominance, and positional hierarchy by using urine and other special signals. (Amazing Facts about Cats)

  1. Cat’s unique nose

Just like unique human fingerprints, noses of cats are ridged with the unique type of patterns.

  1. Odor detection ability

Cats remember people and their companions with their scent. The odor detection ability of a cat is very high. They also get the scent off by licking themselves.

  1. Cats can see better than the humans in the dark

After odor detection, here comes the high sensitivity to dim lights. Due to the high number of rods in their retina, they need only one-sixth of light intensity that human eyes need to see an object.

  1. The first astronaut cat

A feline named Felicette was first sent to space on October 18th, 1963. French scientists used a rocket to launch her into space. She was brought back safely with the help of a parachute.

  1. The first cat show

In July 1871, the first biggest cat show was held at Crystal Palace in London. Around two lacs guests attended the event to see dozens of breeds.

  1. Cats have more bones than a human

Cats have 244 bones in their small body, where the humans have 206 bones only.

  1. Cat’s heartbeat

The heartbeat rate of a cat is 110 to 140 beats per minute which is double of a human being.

  1. The Rotating Ear

A cat can rotate their ears in 180 degrees by using 32 muscles.

  1. Cats are hydrophobic

According to some experts, many breeds of cats are afraid of water. The wet and sloppy furs make them uncomfortable.

  1. The third eye

Cats have three eyelids. When they feel unwell, the third one gets activated or visible.

  1. Cats can protect you from a heart issue

Having cats as a pet will reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. Your adorable pet helps you to release your anxiety and stress.

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