SMART BRA in japan , how does it protect a woman from rape

If we tell you that there is a country having area equal to Rajasthan state but it’s GDP is more than India, you will definitely not believe us. But there is a country which is much more developed than India and almost every other country (SMART BRA Price) of this world. We are talking about Japan. Hypothetically we can say that Japan is currently 100 years ahead of us. It is second most developed country of the world after Unites States and China. Yes, we are talking about the country, 20 years ago on which Unites States attacked with Atomic bomb. Not only People of the country suffered but also Country’s economy got affected because of that attack. But after that Japanese People developed new ideas and new technologies because of which they are now leading the world from the front. Let us discuss 7 things that makes Japan better than the remaining world. 

  1. Vending Machine 

In India we can find Vending machine on some well known places but in Japan you will find vending machine on every 200 meters.. There are almost 1.1 million vending machine currently active in Japan which makes 1 vending machine for every 25 people. In other countries we can get drinks, chocolates, chips from vending machine but in Japan we can almost everything using vending machine which makes Japan more developed.

Capsule Hotels  In Japan if you want to spend one night near airports and hotels then you did not have to search for hotels. There, you will find a place where you can spend your night very comfortably and at very low cost. These places or we can say that hotels are known as Capsule hotels. In these hotel there you will find everything you need. 

2. Robotics Hotel 

Yes In Japan there is a hotel named the henna hotel which is fully governed by robots. There are only 7 humans in hotel staff who look after these working robots. In that hotel everything is done by the robots. From cleaning room to serving foods to people robot do every work. 

3. Japanese Toilets 

Japanese Toilets are the most high-tech toilets you will ever see in your life. These toilets are designed considering all your needs. These are very eco friendly toilets. You can play music inside them. And the most important thing that there is a wash basin above the toilet, the water from which goes directly into flush so that that water you have used for washing your hand doesn’t get waste. 

 4. Smart bra 

Not only in food and drinks Japanese technology (SMART BRA Price) can be seen in clothes also. This smart bra is very interesting. The women who wears this bra can monitor his feelings with the help of this bra using his smart phone.  

Glow in the dark tattoos This tattoos are very interesting, they glow in dark. These are made with the special ink which use ultraviolet technology. There are many varieties available. If you want your tattoo to show up in dark only then you can get those and if you want your tattoo to show normally then you can get those too.  

  •  5. Trains

Japan has most hi-tech trains in the world. There are some trains which doesn’t even require drivers. You can get every facility in these trains. Smoking rooms, washrooms are two of them. There is also a train which runs on a invisible track. 

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