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Panchayat season 2 has finally arrived. Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s most loved web series Panchayat has been released on 20th May 2022. Almost all, who watched season 1 of the web series loved it. Obviously, people will watch the second season in the first go. The trailer of the season was launched one month back. The trailer has made the audience much more excited for the whole series.

Although, there was a doubt in everyone’s mind that if the second season will also be as entertaining as the first season. There are many famous websites whose first season became a tremendous hit on the online platforms while there second season doesn’t get that much attention from the audience.

People’s expectation after watching the first season of the panchayat was really high. From acting to direction everything was just perfect in season 1. It seemed that every single individual in the first season performed at his or her level best. So it became very obvious that the Audience will expect the same from season 2 as well. Not the same but somewhat more from the cast.

Panchayat season 2 Review:-

If you haven’t watched the second season of the series then we will suggest you should watch it. It has everything. From top-notch stories to outstanding acting, everything is just perfect. Panchayat belongs to that elite category of the web series whose both seasons have been just outstanding.

Everyone received positive words from every single individual who has watched it till now. If you do not know this, the Panchayat has been produced by The Viral Fever, in short TVF. TVF has produced many web series which have been loved and watched by the audience. Ye meri Family and Gullak are among those top web series which has been produced by the viral fever.

Casting in Panchayat season 2:-

There is no change in characters at all. The actors who were seen in the first season of the series are still and also performed outrageously well. Even the actors with very small roles of just 4 or 5 minutes got involved in his role. And it felt he is there since the first episode.

Jitendra who is playing the Secretary role has been top-notch. Pradhan Ji, the character that has been played by Raghubir looks precisely real. Other characters Vice have also made an influence on the hearts of the viewers.

Story of Panchayat Season 2:-

Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra) is still trapped in Phakouli as Panchayat Secretary, but he has definitely evolved as a human being. He is more expressive, concerned, and conflicted. The still afternoons and stars-filled evenings have instilled a sense of responsibility in him. He is also subconsciously looking for love and companionship. The kind which happens spontaneously even if you don’t want to!

His inner circle is mostly about Pradhan Ji (Raghubir), Prahlad (Faisal), and Vikas (Chandan), and together they want to add some dimensions to their otherwise mundane lives. The usual village rivalry, occasional roadblocks and obvious obloquy are also there. What’s Panchayat without these anyway! There’s a shift from the previous season though.

It’s more of an inward journey for the characters now. We get to understand them better, and in a way, are forced to accept them as they are. Comedy is more situational now, and the writers tend to deviate from giving life lessons in every scene. In short, the writing is absolutely on point.

Will there be season 3 of Panchayat:-

The beauty of the show lies in its simplicity and how beautifully it connects to Abhishek’s life and his personal issues. While he has slowly settled down in his new job, he still yearns to earn big bugs and live in the city. It’s a conflict in his head really. While he loves his company here, and enjoys the simplicity that life has to offer, he also gets unsettled when he finds out a friend is earning crores in a multinational in a big city.

There has been a glimpse of where will the story go in season 3 in the last episode. It seems that in the next season Sachiv Ji AKA Abhishek Tripathi will get he transfer orders. What will happen next we will able to see this in the next season only.

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