Alphabets and Numerology- Know what alphabets tell about you

Alphabets and Numerology are very much related. This is because the alphabets of your name are related to specific numbers. These numbers reveal and indicate a person’s personality. Besides this, it also reveals about the future goals, strengths, weaknesses and their skills. So let us know about alphabet numerology. Also you will know about different alphabets and their personality types. 

Alphabets and Numerology  

Alphabet ‘A’

Alphabet A Persons are quite creative and innovative persons and try to involve themselves in professions involving creativity. They are highly ambitious persons, try to pursue everything on their own, independent and have strong leadership skills. Besides, they have a very high positive energy. But the negative points are that they have ego issues and do not usually take other people’s views seriously. 

Alphabet ‘B’

These named persons have high imaginative and visualization power. This power is so much to an extent that they are capable of predicting any future events and possibilities. Besides this, they are balanced people and have introverted personalities. But they are loyal and create a healthy relationship. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘C’

Alphabet C persons are charming personalities with regards to beauty. They are very good communicators, outspoken and are capable of expressing their thoughts easily to others. Besides this, they are persons creating positive vibrations. But the negative point is that they are not of a balanced nature and so it often leads to anxiety and stress. 

Alphabet ‘D’

These persons have a stable, independent and determined personality. They are organised in their work and have a grounded personality.  Besides this, it is a fortunate and positive alphabet. But there is 1 piece of advice for these alphabet persons. This advice is not to be stubborn. Because this characteristic can have a negative impact on their future. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘E’

Now let us talk about the personality with Alphabet E. These people are positive, love freedom and have high enthusiasm towards life.  They also have strong intellect powers. Besides this, they have the power to see situations from various viewpoints. 

Alphabet ‘F’

Alphabet F persons have a very warm, kind and soft heart. They have a sacrificing nature and are ready to sacrifice their comfort for their loved ones. Besides this, they are loyal, have high patience and give prosperous vibes to others. But there is advice for them that they should not drag them into other people’s problems. Because this can create many problems for them and their loved ones. 

Alphabet ‘G’

Next in the series of Alphabets and their personality is Alphabet G. These alphabet persons are types of personality with high analysing power. They can easily analyze various situations to come to a conclusion. Due to this only, they can have a better vision to achieve big things. Besides this, they have a quality of being adaptive to situations and so can easily adapt to the changes. But there is one negative feature in them that they don’t think much and take action on less thinking processes. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘H’ 

These personality persons have mixed qualities of A, B and E as mentioned above. This is because, like A, they are creative and can achieve their goals by that. Like B, they are balanced and calm people. Besides this, Like E, they are freedom loving persons and like to remain independent. 

Alphabet ‘I’

They are persons with high intellectual power and freedom lovers. But on the other hand, they are also very sensitive and have ego issues. Though they are compassionate, due to ego issues, they are advised to remain in balance otherwise it can create anxiety issues. 

Alphabet ‘J’

This alphabet person has charismatic power and a high patience personality. They have very high enthusiasm and a fortunate letter. Besides this, they have such a capability that they create their opportunities by themselves and also have quality to make people happy. 

Alphabet ‘K’

These persons are very ambitious and easily achieve their goals due to this. They have power to analyse situations and arrive at a rational decision. Also, they have very high temperament and only this can create issues in their success paths.

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘L’

L alphabet persons are royal in their personality and are strong. They are very friendly with other people. Besides this, they are generous and kind people. But they have an emotional nature and sometimes overthink which can create problems for them to arrive at a decision. 

Alphabet ‘M’ 

Like Alphabet L, these also have emotional nature. Though they take slow moves but achieve success in the long run. Also, they have strong intellectual power. They like to spend a lot of time at work. So you can consider them workaholics. 

Alphabet ‘N’

They have quite a high imagination to analyze situations and are free thinkers. Besides this, they have a very different and unique personality of thinking differently. They live a very balanced and purposeful life. 

Alphabet ‘O’

These persons have a very disciplined personality and have strong moral values which they adopt in their lives. They have strong self analysis power and also are able to hide things. Besides this, they have deep feelings for their loved ones and try to make them happy, But they easily attract negative energies. So they need to be careful regarding this. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘P’

Alphabet P persons are very focused towards their work and are fortunate in their lives. Besides this, they have high intellect and they are not much like that which they seem to be. But the negative point is that they sometimes lose patience. 

Alphabet ‘Q’

They are the lucky and fortunate letters of all the letters. Besides this, they are highly organized and manage things in a better way. Like P, they also have strong willpower and are blessed alphabets. Also, they are leaders in their field and are able to convince others for their work. 

Alphabet ‘R’

Though these alphabet persons are very strong and hardworking people but yet sometimes they become impatient. This sometimes creates many problems. Also they are capable of doing work with much energy and confidence. 

Alphabet ‘S’

These alphabet people are charming and are capable of attracting people around them. They have high energy and do their work with much confidence. Besides this, they are capable of persuading others towards their views. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘T’

They are selfless people, sensitive and always ready to help others. These people are capable of doing work in a team. Also, they have a fortunate and blessed alphabet. 

Alphabet ‘U’ 

These people have a highly positive and balanced personality. They care a lot about their loved ones and are romantic in nature. Also, they are advised to be careful of their fears. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘V’

These alphabet people have genius personality types. They have varied kinds of skills and they try to be an all-rounder by various skills. Besides this, they have high ethics, are focused, imaginative and use their skills to achieve their goals. 

Alphabet ‘W’

These people loved to travel and like adventure. They are active, creative and imaginative. Also, they are enthusiastic, ambitious and expressive people. 

Alphabet ‘X’

They have an attractive, spiritual and strong personality. Also they are passionate and creative. But they sometimes get stressed out. 

Alphabet ‘Y’

These persons are strong, independent and deep thinkers. They love freedom and are very adventurous and curious to know things. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Alphabet ‘Z’

Alphabet Z persons are highly energetic and receive respect in the society. They are both positive and realistic which is key to their success. But they are always advised to have patience and don’t lose temper in various negative situations. 

Alphabets and Numerology- Numerology number for alphabets

All 26 alphabets are related to numbers 1-9, so now let us know the alphabet number numerology –

1.A and alphabets I,J,Q,Y have numbers 1.

2.B and alphabets K, R have numbers 2.

3.C and alphabets C,G,L and S have numbers 3.

4.D and alphabets M,T have numbers 4.

  1. E and alphabets H,N,X have numbers 5.
  2. F and alphabet P  have numerology alphabet 8.

7.U,V and W have numbers 6.

8.O and Z have number 7. 













































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