10 Times Rakhi Sawant Proved She is the Ultimate ‘Drama Queen’

Thinking about the song ‘Yeh Chori Badi Drama Queen Hai’ and Rakhi Sawant not striking is an injustice to it. Bollywood dancer and TV actress Rakhi Sawant is one of the most entertaining celebs. The Diva always grabs attention with her weird yet funny videos and the uncanny way she talks.

Recently Rakhi appeared in Big Boss 14 as a contestant and, since then her videos are flooding all over the internet. Not only this but fans are appreciating her for being the soul of the show. Rakhi cracked up all the participants and the viewers with her epic one-liners. Even her fights in the show are worth watching. Although all the performers in season 14 were amazing but Rakhi’s entry brought the perfect laughter factor in the house.

Also, post the show, many people’s perception towards Rakhi changed and she is receiving immense love. Her joyful nature and humorous commentaries made her seek everyone’s eyeballs. This is not for the first time, Rakhi is winning hearts. The actress has often been in the highlights for bringing up unique content and roasting other celebrities. Rakhi surely deserves the tag of ‘Drama Queen’ and, here we have listed down such instances that prove this statement right.

Instances that prove Rakhi Sawant is truly a ‘Drama Queen’

Rakhi’s eerie way of showing her love for Narendra Modi:

Undoubtedly almost everyone respects our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. However, Rakhi had the most different style to showcase her love for him. The actress wore a weird black dress with Narendra Modi’s pictures all over her outfit. It did not only go viral in India but also in the World and a storm of comments came on it.

Filing case against Nach Baliye for not making her the winner:

The Drama Queen filed a case against the show Nach Baliye 3 for cheating with the vote counts. Rakhi claimed that she would have been the winner but intentionally the makers did not let it happen. She alleged that voting SMS in her favour was blocked by the channel.

She did an amazing job and have gone to the finals with beau Abishek Awasthi. The two lost in the final round with Sanjida Sheikh and Amir Ali. According to her, the channel supported Sanjida and Amir because they have been actors on Star Plus serials. Now, no one knows the real truth but if this is real then that’s unfair.

Blames Ceiling Fans for the Rising Of Suicide Cases:

After the shocking death of TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, Rakhi Sawant called a press conference and asked PM Modi to ban ceiling fans. As per Rakhi’s statement, ceiling fans are the biggest reason for suicides. Her video while appealing to the people and PM immediately went viral and left many in a state of ROFL. Some people called it a stupid conference while a few got a reason to laugh.

Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal Marriage:

The item girl has made a joke of marriage many times. However, this time she seems serious but, till now no one has seen her husband. She states that he is an NRI and, wants to keep it all a secret that is why he never comes in front of the camera. Apart from this earlier, the actress came up with Deepak Kalal and announced that the two are getting married. She invited everyone to Los Angeles for the wedding. The duo ever shared their wedding invite on the social media pages.

This news went viral and resulted in floods of memes. Later the actress revealed that it was just a prank. However, everyone called it a publicity stunt. For Rakhi going to such an extent is not that hard and this incidence made it quite clear.

Rakhi Sawant’s Funniest Actions In the BB House

The entertainment Diva tried to make fool of Aly and Rahul by convincing them that she has an MBBA degree. However, when being asked about it’s full for, Rakhi went outside and tried to get the answer from Abhinav and Rubina. After recollecting some words from them, Rakhi made her own full form of MBBS and that was the funniest.

Rakhi played the scary role of Julie and told everyone that she is possessed. The actress left no chance of pissing off the contestants with her scary behavior. At last, when things started getting too irritating, it was disclosed that it was a task given to her.

Before confessing her feelings to Abhinav Shukla, Rakhi went to the confession room and asked Big Boss to do so. She even compared Abhinav to her husband Ritesh and, was ready to ask Rubina to leave him. Her obsession for Abhinav was increasing and thus, things turned ugly by the end. All her tactics to impress Abhinav became a major attention-seeking incidence.

Well, Rakhi Sawant has a lot more in her basket. Her bizarre activities are endless but watching her always brings a smile to the face. She is a self-made woman who has struggled a lot to grab a place in the industry. Let’s wait for her next funny instance and how she is going to portray it.

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