15 most weird Indian food news


India is only country with diverse culture and delicious cuisines. You can see a unique specialty in every culture’s cuisine. But very few persons know about weird Indian food of this diverse culture. This is very much interesting and exciting to know. 

So let us know from this article about some of the Weird Indian foods of diverse cultures. 

1.Weird Indian Food- Onion halwa

You all might only know about Halwa as a sweet dish. Besides this, you must have tasted various halwa like suji, gazar, moong dal and many other types. But today I will tell something unusual about it i.e Onion halwa. Yes you read it right. It is the first Weird Indian food which uses fried onions as an ingredient in preparing halwa. 

2.Bhang Pakora

It is the second Weird Indian Food which you should know. You might have tried many common varieties of pakora like made of onion, potato and many other types. But Bhang pakora is a new and weird variety of pakoras. Cannabis leaves (in hindi it is said as bhang) are used to prepare it. It is prepared on Shivratri and Holi occasions.

3.Black Rice 

The common form of rice all known is White and Brown. But besides this, there is another type and color of rice i.e. Black Rice. It is a North eastern dish. These states are North Bengal, Kerala and other North eastern states. But besides being a weird Indian food, it has many benefits for health.  

4.Weird Indian Food- Phan Pyut 

Potatoes are a very common and main ingredient of almost all Indian dishes. While we prepare any Indian dish, we usually throw rotten potatoes. But what if I say that rotten potatoes are also eaten by people. Yes it is absolutely right. In various North Eastern states, people usually eat rotten potatoes by adding various ingredients and spices in it. Before its preparation, potatoes are rotten in the soil first.

5.Benami Kheer

Kheer is another Indian sweet dish like Halwa. You all have tasted it as sweet. But benami kheer is an unusual dish. It is another weird Indian food. The thing which makes it weird is ingredient used in it i.e. Garlic. But the interesting thing is that it doesn’t taste bad. People who eat it find it tasty and delicious like other types of kheer.

6.Weird Indian Food- Khorisa

It is another dish from North Eastern states like Assam. Fermented bamboo shoots are used to prepare it. People there eat this dish as a raw or as a form of pickle. No doubt it seems weird but it is Assam’s ethnic dish and they find it yummy. 

7.Baby shark curry

Just as the name itself shows, this dish is prepared using baby sharks. Besides being a weird Indian food, another interesting to note about it is that it is an expensive one. This is because it is a very tough task to catch these baby sharks. This dish belongs to Goa. So next time you visit there and are a Non-vegetarian, don’t miss to have it as a cuisine.

8.Weird Indian Food- Nahkham

This is a famous dish of the Garo tribe in Meghalaya. The main ingredient of this dish is no doubt a fish. But the thing which makes it a weird dish is its cooking process. That is tribals rub distilled ashes on the fish to prepare it. Apart from being a weird dish, it has a terrible and pungent smell. 

9.Eri Polu

It is another Assamese dish. If you think that silkworms are only used for preparing clothes, then it will change this thinking. This is because this dish assamese uses silkworms to cook it. You can add this one also to weird dishes. 

10.Weird Indian Food- Chaprah

I know most people reading this article fear from red ants. But what if I say to try out something prepared from them. Yes you read it right. A Tribal community of Chattisgarh uses them to prepare a spicy chutney. No doubt it tops the weird food list as per my opinion. 


It is a type of rice only but a different variant. Tribal people use intestines and blood of chicken and pigs to cook it. A tribe of Jaintia in Meghalaya usually eat it. 


This is another dish you can find in Goa. Pig’s Internal organs are used to cook it. It is indeed another weird Indian food.

13.Weird Indian Food- Sa-um Bur

It is prepared from Pigs. This is another weird food. Fermented pigs is main ingredient of this dish. Besides after that, it is used to prepare dishes.  

14.Doh Khlieh

You can find this another dish from the state of Meghalaya. The main ingredient for this dish is Pig brain. This is something very much weird dish anyone can think of. 

15.Frog Legs

You can have this cuisine in Goa and Sikkim. Besides being a weird dish, it also has some benefits according to people of Goa and Sikkim. This cures stomach disorders according to them. 


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