72 amazing facts about the brain– the hard disk of human

The human brain is that area of research which has still more miles to go to understand its subtle intricacies. Not a single machine or software is still made which can articulate all the functions of the human brain. We are very eager to share some interesting brain facts with you. Let’s get started. 

  1. Einstein’s smaller brain

Do you know that Albert Einstein has a smaller brain than us or as the usual size of the brain? An average brain’s weight is around 3 pounds or 1400 grams. But this gem had a brain weighed of 1230 grams only. Though, the neuron (amazing facts about the brain) density of this man’s brain was greater than the average.

2.  Chocolate is a friend of brain

Eating chocolates every day make you feel more relaxed and it also increase your brainwaves and reduce the risk of stroke.

Image result for Chocolate is good for of brain

3.  Milk is a must for brain

Milk contains natural antioxidants which keep our brain’s health good and reduce oxidative stress.

4. Coffee will increase your memory

Caffeine is beneficial for the brain. So, before going to attend a lecture or doing some important work, must have a cup of coffee.

5.  Laugh and brain

Do you have a good sense of humor? If yes, you are in the long run. Science says laughter can modify our brains in a healthy and positive manner.

6. Music influences brain development

Here is good news for the music lovers! People who are addicted to music since childhood are happier and more creative.

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7.   Seafood is good for the brain

Seafood reduces the chances of the suffering of mental illness and keeps your brain healthy. 

8.   Alcohol affects our memory

Excessive intake of alcohol can make you unable to create new memories. It affects the hippocampus part of your brain which is related to our memory.

9.  Enough smoking can harm your brain

Smoking can affect your memory, brain’s capacity, and mostly your cognitive skills.

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10.  Forgetful young generation – not to worry

Are you unmindful? Is your age in between 18 to 35 years? Do not worry dude. It’s very common actually. The study of the human brain says that young to middle age person is more unconscious and forgetful than their parents and the baby boomers.

11.  Forgetting information? It’s good

Commonly, the human brain forgets some information. And the research says that forgetful people are doing great as they free up their brain from unnecessary information.

12.  Sleep influences brain

Science says that enough sleep can make you a good decision-maker. Enough sleep also makes your attention power strong.

13.  Facts of Stressful brain

Stress can change your brain. Prolonged stress affects your brain’s performance, learning power and memory, can even weaken your brain’s structure.

14.  Say ‘Yes’ more than ‘No’

Listening to the word ‘Yes’ can trigger the release of well-being hormone – Dopamine which makes us happy instantly.

15.  Facts of taste

The sense of taste is found in the brain, not on the tongue. Our brain is taste receptors.

Image result for The sense of taste is found in the brain, not on the tongue

16.  Facts of smell

Sense of smell helps us to recall old memories. The memory of smells is strong enough.

17.  Cognitive skill’s peak time

A person at his 20s thinks and recalls information quicker than the others. After 20, our minds start losing those certain abilities.

18.  Brain’s demand

Your brain only needs a continuous blood flow within it. It consumes oxygen and glucose from the blood as it cannot store nutrients so much. Oxygen deficiency in the brain can lead to brain damage. It may even lead to death.

19.  Blood flow rate

You will become amazed to learn about the blood flow rate inside the brain. Almost 750 to 1000 milliliters of blood flow in every minute through a human brain.

20.  Random thought Generator

It is believed that every day a human got around 50,000 thought. An average brain generates this enormous amount of thought per day. So, keep thinking.

21.  Negative thought

It is proved that 70% of our thoughts are negative which make us pessimistic and fearful.

22.  Brain’s Fireworks

The human brain produces almost 12 to 20 watts of electricity which is enough to power a LED light. Sounds odd? Our brain contains billions of neurons and they communicate with each other by sending signals. This time these brain cells generate a huge amount of electrical activity in our brain.

Image result for The human brain produces almost 12 to 20 watts of electricity which is enough to power a LED light

Electro Encephalogram (EEG) can detect this electrical phenomenon and measures the levels of electricity in one’s scalp

23. The older brain makes you happier with time

With time our brain learns how to carry and sustain the negativity in a better way.

24.  Constant Brain’s work

The brain never stops working. It stays awake always and become more active when you sleep.

25.  Super quick brain

Your brain completes its data processing work within fractions of seconds. It takes less time than you take the time to blink your eyes. The human brain processes the image that the eyes have seen within 13 milliseconds.

26.  Brain Waves Pattern

These electrical activities of the brain form the pattern called brain waves. This wave pattern of a person, who is sleeping is different from a man who is awake.

Image result for Brain Waves Pattern of a person, who is sleeping is different from a man who is awake.

27.  Brain wave during sleep

Brain waves get slow down when someone falls asleep deeply. That’s why it is difficult to remember our dream while sleeping deep.

28.  Black and white dream

Fewer numbers of people, only 12% have a black and white dream.

29.  Blind people can smell in a dream

A blind man dreams without seeing any visuals. They only speak, feel, hear, taste, and smell in their dream.

30.  Neurons row can reach 1000 km

An adult brain contains almost 100000 million neurons those can make a line of 1000 km.

31.  Most of the neurons are still unknown

Among these 100 billions of human brain cells, minimal numbers of cells are known to us properly.

32.  Neuron’s life span

It is expected that a sensory neuron can live for 70 days only. 

33.  Generation of new neurons

Physical exercise like biking, jogging can stimulate the neurogenesis process of our brain.

34.  The chemical reaction takes place in the brain

Our brains produce more than 100,000 chemical reactions every second.

35.  Fattest organ

60% of our brain is composed of fat. The highest concentration of the entire fat is present in this single organ. So, if you eat low diet food daily, it can accelerate the chances of wear and tear problem of the brain. Lack of omega 3 fatty acid can cause brain shrinkage.

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36.  Brain and body weight

A human brain comprises only 2% of the total body weight.

37.  Watery brain

Do you want to improve your brain’s performance? Drink a lot of water every day. 83% of the brain contains water. 2% hydration of this water can affect your brains and cognitive performance. So, hydration is important for us with all types of exercises to keep our brain fit and fine.

38.  Men have a bigger brain

It is proved that the brain of a man is bigger by 10% than a woman like other body parts. But the fun fact is women have larger memory than men.

Image result for Men have a bigger brain than women

39.  Estrogens and memory

The female hormone Estrogens helps women to overcome postmenopausal memory problems.

40.  The emotional part of the brain

Men and women have a different sense of humor level due to the different emotional part of their brains.

41.  Introvert brain Vs extrovert brain

An introvert’s brain has more grey matter than the extrovert one. Both of them have a measurably different brain too.

42.  Facts of the brain and opposite body part

The left part of your brain knows what your right hand is doing. And the right brain knows all about the left side of your body.

Yes, this vice-versa fact exists. The right part of our brain interacts with the left side of our bodies, passes instructions, and maintains the functionalities. The left side of the brain also does the same with the right side of the body.

This is the reason that demonstrates to us why left-handed people are more creative than other normal right-handed people.

43. Grey matter facts

People who have more grey matter are happier than the other. They also have more mental flexibility and memory.

Image result for Grey matter facts

44.  Non-verbal right side

All types of emotional behaviors, our recognition powers, memories of voices or faces, intuitions, and so on come from the right side of our brain. The right brain helps us to think and remember something. Those people have developed imagination and creativity whose right hemisphere is dominant. On the other hand, the left brain helps us to do verbal communication.

45.  The human brain can store a lot

The human brain can store more information and content than the current entire internet content.

46.  Travel rate of brain information

The brain information can travel up to 270 miles in an hour.

47.  One hemisphere is enough to live

A human can live perfectly just with one hemisphere without any memory or personality changes.

48.  Number of folds is not related to intelligence

It is a myth that great thinkers have more folds on their brains than the average.

49.  Love by brain

When you are in love, your brain will release the love hormone oxytocin that makes your relationship long-term and healthy.

50.  The brain has no pain receptors

Your brain cannot feel pain. That is why the operation on brain tissue does not make a patient discomfort.

51.  The historical brain tumor operation

Ambroz Bajec Lapanje is the one who had to undergo the historical craniotomy. The neurosurgeon operated his brain and made him awake to avoid further complications.

52.  Brain to brain communication

Scientists of Washington University have been achieved to gain control over a group of people’s brains. They became able in 2014 to transmit signals from one’s brain to other ones.

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53.  Artificial brain

Blue Brain Project of Henry Markram has been achieved the record of making an artificial brain within 10 years. This project is helping to develop the brain study and new treatments. It also helps us to study the brain’s mechanisms more. 

54.  Lucid dream

A team of neuroscientists of Frankfurt University has manipulated the volunteers dream and they have experienced a lucid dream.

55.  Pregnancy stimulates intelligence

Motherhood can change your brain, improve your sensory abilities, and make you more intelligent than before.

56.  Increasing brain size – possible?

Neuroscience says that a person can increase the size of his brain and hippocampus related to memory by having physical exercise daily.

Image result for Neuroscience says that a person can increase the size of his brain and hippocampus related to memory by having physical exercise daily

57.  Meditation and brain

Meditation can also increase the size of the brain, density of neurons, and the memorizing ability.

58.  Crosswords and the brain

A crossword puzzle is neither going to improve your cognitive skills nor it helps you to keep your brain younger. It only enhances your vocabulary.

59.  Baby’s brain

A baby’s brain grows rapidly after his birth. 80% of brain development gets completed at the age of 2.

60.  Bilingual children’s brain

The children who learn more than one language before their age 5 will have denser grey matter than other children at their adult age.

61.  Mature brain

A human brain gets full maturity at the age of 25.

Image result for A human brain gets full maturity at the age of 25

62.  Energized Brain tip

If you skip your breakfast, you need more caloric food as a meal to keep the brain energized like same.

63.  Socialize brain

People with lots of friends have big prefrontal orbital cortex as they need to use their emotional intelligence continuously.

64.  Fun facts about yawn

When our brain needs oxygen we start to yawn. When someone in front of us starts yawning, we also start to yawn due to the mirror neurons.

Image result for Why is yawn contagious?

65.  Brain and immune system

According to the Virginia School of Medicine, our brain has a direct relation with the immune system.

66.  Brain and insulin

Insulin hormone plays a vital role in the neural functioning, brain’s activity.

67.  Shrink of brain

Our brain becomes smaller with time over the day and ends up shrinks in the afternoon. Next morning it returns with full size again.

68.  Human brains are becoming smaller day by day

Today’s human brain is smaller than the past human beings of 10 o 20000 years ago.

69.  Facial recognition

To recognize a face, a person looks at the eyes first; then mouth and then finally at the nose.  

Image result for brain's facial recognition

70.  Mediterranean Diet

It is scientifically proved that a Mediterranean Diet can keep your brain nutritionally good and protects you from such brain diseases.

71.  A minimal injury turns off your brain

If a sudden injury damages the cells of the brain walls, your brain may lose its energy and you may fall unconscious with no time. So, be careful.

72.  Fear depends on the neurons

Brain study says that when most of the neurons consider a thing as a threat and get alarmed, we become afraid.

 Hope, you will find these brain facts useful and interesting. Keep learning with us. 

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