A Place which overrules the theory of Geography- Lake Hillier or The Pink Lake

Imagine yourself standing in between a Pink Lake, splashing water and taking some cool pictures in the blue water. Hold on, now change the color of the water to pink. You might be thinking that this is possible only in dreams as nature has painted water bodies with blue color. But sometimes Nature overrules her laws. Hillier Lake is an example of such an overruled rule. It is pink in color, yes you heard it right the color of the water is pink.

It is a place you must explore before life comes to an end as it will make you believe that nothing is superior to nature.


No more blue color indication for water in Maps

Lake Hillier is a saline lake located on the edge of Middle Island, Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia. This prodigious Lake is about 600 meters long. The dense woodland of paperbark and eucalyptus trees adds to its beauty. Tourists are also attracted by the longshore which separates the pink color from the blue color, i.e. Hillier lake to the Atlantic ocean.

You cannot take your eyes off from this magical place as the contrast between blue and pink is bewitching, which leaves the visitors spellbound.

The mystery behind the Pink Color of Water

Lake Hillier stayed a mystery to the science world for a long time. Still, the innumerable number of researches concluded that the pink strawberry milkshake color of the Lake is due to the presence of organisms called  Dunaliella salina. These microorganisms are salt-philic and generate energy by using other parts of the visible light spectrum except in orange/red frequencies. That results in the pink color of Lake as they do not utilize orange/red wavelengths.

How to reach this place?

This place was alien to the world before 1802. But now people are spending a lot of money to get a glance at this place. Though it is an isolated lake still to ensure proper tourist visitings, there are few options available to reach this Lake. You can visit this place using Aeroplane scenic flights or cruises.

Is Swimming in Pink Lake life-taking?

Even though it is densely rich in salt content, it is safe to swim. This place is visited by a number of tourists who enjoy the color of the water. They fill their gallery and insta feed by pictures and videos in the pink water . to swim in the lake water you need special permission from the authority, and a lot of people get it as well. It is fun and adventurous to swim in the pink water of Lake.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are intending to enjoy a reprieve from your dull life, at that point you should visit this spot. It will interface you with the enchantment of nature. Along with the pink Lake the dense Eucalyptus forest with the longshore which separates the mixing of pink and blue color everything will leave you bewildered. This Lake in Australia is not less than a mysterious wonder which embarks that nature is superior to all, and there can’t be a creator other than nature itself.

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