Amazing facts about Bottlenose Dolphin- the adorable sea animals

Bottlenose dolphins are extremely popular for their intelligence, friendly nature, and of course for the always smiling face. These dolphins are found all over the world but only in the warm seas. If you want (Amazing facts about Bottlenose Dolphin) to know more about them, go through this article. Hope these fun facts of the Bottlenose Dolphins will amaze you for sure. So, check them out –

  1. Bottlenose Dolphins are powerful swimmers

Bottlenose Dolphins can swim up to 35 Kilometers in an hour. They have enough capacity to jump very high in the air. Some trained Bottlenose Dolphins are also expert in doing varieties acrobatic spins into the air.

  1. Bottlenose Dolphins are intelligent enough

They are the most intelligent among the entire aquatic animal kingdom. They communicate with sheer intelligence and catch fish with the help of each other.

  1. The great communication ability

Bottlenose Dolphins recognize each other by using their unique whistle. Sometimes they also make ultrasound noises for communication. This high-frequency sound stunts the fish and they easily catch them.

  1. Bottlenose Dolphins are easy to train

Bottlenose Dolphins are smart enough to learn things very quickly. They can understand the trainer’s command easily.

  1. Bottlenose Dolphins have a heavier brain than a human brain

A human brain’s weight can be maximum 1300 grams but the average weight of the Bottlenose Dolphin is 1500 to 1600 grams.

  1. Bottlenose Dolphins are quite social

Bottlenose Dolphins never live single. They travel in a group which is known as a pod. Almost 100 dolphins gather there to make a pod. Every pod has their own territory and they behave differently. Moreover, when it comes to migration, they leave their place together and travel around the world by living in the same group.

  1. Bottlenose Dolphins never fall asleep completely

Bottlenose Dolphins cannot breathe under the water. They can only stay there for 10 to 15 minutes. After every 10-15 minutes, they come on the surface of the sea for breathing. So, when half of their brain sleeps, the (Amazing facts about Bottlenose Dolphin) other half keeps them awake from drowning. They sleep with one eye open.

  1. Mammal fish nurture its child with milk

 Bottlenose Dolphins live in water but they are mammals. They give birth to a single baby, and the mother dolphin nurses the baby with her milk.

Hope, you have learned the facts and found them interesting. Is there still any other amazing fact about the bottlenose dolphins that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section. 

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