Asteroid 52768: After dealing with the loss of heavy human life news that is getting everybody in fear “ Earth is going to end in April”. This news creates a buzz on social media about the end of the human community. According to the rumors, an asteroid is going to hit earth in April and destroy the whole human community. Is this asteroid will end the human community? Stick to this article until the end of all the answers going through in your mind.

Asteroid 52768

Exact Report

A report released by NASA will prove that an asteroid named as asteroid 52768 will probably pass with a very minor distance from Earth in April. The current report says that the asteroid is heading towards earth. The scientist also says that the asteroid will probably pass with a distance of 3.9 million miles. The diameter of the asteroid is 4.1 km. The asteroid was under consideration in Nasa’s Near-Earth Object Studies center which is in California. NASA gave this unique name to the asteroid which is asteroid 52768.

Nasa scientist also said that an asteroid with such a big size can destroy millions of people in a few seconds. If this asteroid will hit the Earth than it can end up the whole human community. But they also said that this thing occurs in a very rare case that an asteroid will change its trajectory and hit with a planet.

Asteroid 52768


There is no such report released about the change in the trajectory of the asteroid and if it continues in the same way then it will only pass near to the Earth but never hit the Earth. But after all the researches the agency released a report which clearly says that there will no such matter of tension. As there are a lot of asteroids that pass nearby earth every week. However, this asteroid is a bit near to the earth but still, there is no matter of terror.

The approximation of the scientist will turn people`s assumption into the terror that the earth is going to end soon. A lot of rumors have also surmounted the reality and covered the real truth. The scientist also said that the next asteroid with the same size and distance will pass nearby earth in 2027. This asteroid will pass by the distance of the lunar surface from the earth.

Asteroid 52768

The scientist also approached that it will come from the direction of the sun and can be easily visible in the sky after the 19th of April. This asteroid will be visible in the telescopes at the magnitude of 11. Also, it will be visible one or two days after it passes out due to its extreme brightness.

Everybody was in great terror about this news and the pages are using this news as a matter of their posts. But if you research about it then you will get to know that all the things are just rumors and we all are safe and secure.