Beat the Heat in a Cooler Way!!

Reading the above heading gives a thought, right? That these writers are going mad, but no, we aren’t mad. We are here to help you beat the heat by keeping yourself “Calm and Cool”.

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In summers we just don’t enjoy it because of the over-excessive heat. But metaphorically saying that that’s not any reason to let high temperatures steal our chilling time. Even if you don’t have a magical tree that will give you tons of cash to spend on its.
So here are a few tips which you can incorporate into your lifestyle and can see a huge difference that heat is not affecting your body much. Here are a few steps firstly, which you can incorporate in your lifestyle to boost your mood!

Vitamin C intake – Start including Vitamin C in your daily routine as it increases heat tolerance in your body by delaying sweat and gland fatigue. Also, Vitamin C keeps your body temperature normal and makes you look younger, which is the cherry on top!

Bring Personal Oxygen – Plant some houses inside your home, this will act as your natural air purifier and they release moisture into the air, which will normalize the humidity of a room and you will feel more comfortable.

Try Sandalwood – Yes, you heard right!! Switch to sandalwood in terms of everything, whether it’s body lotion, body wash, soap, face wash, or even your deodorant or scents. Make it all sandalwood preferred, it will keep you a lot cooler and calmer.

Try on Peppermint – Again, use it anywhere, everywhere. A cup of peppermint tea will make you feel cool. You can also try to spray some mint tea on your skin to cool it down.

Eat water Rich Food – You can stay hydrated by eating fruits like watermelon, cantaloupes, and cucumbers which contain loads of water and are easy to digest, and the plus point is that you do not need to stand in kitchen for long as they are readily eater and perfected summer staple!!

Block the heat – Stopping heat from getting into your house in the first place means spending less on cooling.

Go for Cotton – As cotton fabrics are breathable and cool your body down. So try to wear clothes which are made up of cotton. Ditch your old bedsheets, switch to cotton bedsheets.

Changes your lighting – Remove all incandescent lightbulbs and switch to energy-saving bulbs

Create a cross-breeze in your house and even in your car

Move to breezy buns – If your hair is long, then move to breezy buns with scarfs and all. Scrunchie is a go in summers

Lower down your pulses – Apply ice packs on your pulses like wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind your knees.

Try to chill in bed – Try on Cool pad toppers as they have a cooling effect and make you feel relaxed

Remove fluffed pillows – Swapp your highly fluffed pillows with a little damped version

Avoid eating meat – Eating large meals instead, switch to smaller and lighter meals as they are easy to metabolize and will give a lot more energy to your body from time to time. As meat takes a lot more time to break down protein than fats or carbs. So just swap meat with fruits, veggies, and legumes.

Takeaway. Of this whole thing is
“Sleep is essential for your body and keeping room temperature low as high temperature will lead you to insomnia. Eat healthily and stay hydrated”

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